eCommerce ERP integration is a system that helps to integrate a company’s front-end system with that of the back-end. The most important aspect of the integration is that – it allows the bidirectional flow of information. Hence, you need to enter data only once in your system. B2B eCommerce ERP integration automatically updates inventory level at two places:

  • At the front-end – when you add your products to the inventory. It makes it easier for your esteemed customers to get a view of your updated inventory.
  • At the back-end – as soon as a product gets sold, the inventory is automatically updated. It facilitates your in-house team to accomplish their task efficiently.

Today, most of the eCommerce is one-way integrated or batch updated. PC Soft ERP Solutions Pvt Ltd, the best ERP software provider in Pune, provides you with true B2B eCommerce ERP integration that is achieved by the two-way, real-time flow of data.

What are the drawbacks of manual processing of eCommerce business?

Till recently, most of the eCommerce businesses were handled manually, often creating a mess. Let’s see the issues incurred during the manual handling of the eCommerce businesses.

  • During manual handling, mistakes/errors are common.
  • Non-updated inventory levels often lead to overselling.
  • There is a high probability of incorrect, incomplete or missing product information.
  • There could be mistakes in the shipping address.

In absence of a true B2B eCommerce ERP integration, your customers may not be satisfied with your service. This is the risk. Since many eCommerce businesses have started adopting a truly integrated business to make their business work efficiently, you surely won’t wish to lag behind.

What are the benefits of ERP integrated eCommerce?

If you want to run your eCommerce business successfully and enhance your digital ordering and functionality, including a truly ERP integrated system to your business proves effective. PC Soft ERP Solutions of Pune, with an experience of over 30 years is a one-stop spot that provides solutions for your eCommerce site.

B2B eCommerce ERP integration facilitates in various ways. Let’s find out its benefits.

  • It eliminates the tedious task of manually entering the data from one system to another. This saves time and increases output. It reduces errors while you work on entering orders, the shipping address of the customer or updating inventory items.
  • The integration helps in the synchronization of inventory, track updates and an accurate inventory level is visible to your customers. All these tasks are managed easily without hiring extra staff.
  • This automatically notifies your customers when their orders are shipped. It also gives them access to track the delivery of the item purchased.
  • B2B eCommerce ERP integration simplifies the task of price management and product changes in the inventory.
  • You get the flexibility to efficiently add online and offline sales channels.
  • It helps you to handle increased online orders without adding extra resources. Your existing ERP integrated system manages the increased demand.

Thus, you get many benefits from B2B eCommerce ERP integration and it’s wise for you to shift your eCommerce business to an integrated system.

PC Soft ERP Solutions is the best ERP solutions provider!

Our firm in Pune caters to fulfilling all your needs of integrating eCommerce with the best ERP solutions. We accomplish our tasks because we have a dynamic team of qualified engineers and executives who put their unrelenting efforts into making every project a success, regardless of magnitude. Our ERP Software is unmatched in all aspects that include technology procreation, development, implementation and support. In addition, we have a proven track record of satisfying our clients with time-tested, field-proven and feature-packed.

With our ERP solutions, your operations are immediate and long-term and your gain happy and satisfied customers.


Thus, without waiting, adopt B2B eCommerce ERP integration for an enhanced experience. Though initially, it may seem expensive and disruptive eventually it proves to be cost-effective, easier and time-saving. PC Soft ERP Solution is there to help you at every step of your integration. For more details, contact our experts.

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