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Offering the business intelligence that will contribute to increasing the overall productivity levels by generating the means to save the time and effort of your organization

Special Drill-Down Queries

Drill Down Queries, not only display results of transactions captured but also allows end-users to drill down’ to more micro-level transactions to verify/audit the accuracy of results. Options are available to modify/remove transactions to rectify the wrong results displayed. This feature obviates the need of generating reports for data verification for all essential modules (Accounts, Inventory, Purchase, Sales, Production, Audit, Finance, GST, Import/Export benefit Schemes& Warranty).

Business Intelligence


50+ personalized Dashboards and KPls


Numerous Aggregation (Grouping) Options


Analyze Multi-Year consolidations


Update report On Demand or in Batches


Data security at warehouse level


Self-Customizable Report


Words and numbers can help you a lot while dealing with the details but data visualization will offer you more distinct and clear trends. Visual data can actually give you a trustworthy avenue to figure out the true market insights without having to invest the time in understanding the actual situation of the market. The involvement of the visual aids like the charts and graphs permits the employee to grasp the situation quickly and with ease.


The entire marketplace is consistently evolving on each passing day. And among the n number of factors, the one thing all the organizations want to search for are new strategies and tools in order to make a well-informed decision that proves efficient for their firm. You can successfully manage your business by implementing the go-to marketing strategies, aligning the priorities and by a fact-based understanding of your company’s performance metrics. You can thoroughly understand your corporate performance with the help of Analytics. PC Soft will help you craft and build a highly-efficient analytical solution that will leverage your present systems, encourage you to make the changes strategically and help you gain a holistic approach to the digital world.


Most of the organizations use their mission statements as the driving force for the new hires and the existing employees. However, what they fail to do is quantify these values and enhance the success of their organization. Analytics or business intelligence can help an organization to monitor and measure the actual influence of these values. The reports and data gained through analytics can help the firm to focus on the operating process that sticks and aligns with the company values.


When the crucial company information is available at the fingertips, it gets extremely easy to encourage the team to get a smart and quick decision. Speed, development and a considerate decision are of umpteen importance for an organization to stay ahead of their competitors. One wrong decision can derail the company within a fraction of time. Therefore, analytics must be ingrained in the work culture of your company. Analytics will fuel the success of your organization by ensuring that every new idea and the project direction be implemented for the betterment of the business.

Extra Ordinary Business Analytics

Reporting Apparatus

Pcsoft ERP offers you an abundant supply of Pre-Defined Reports –  these  have been tailored to suit every user­ group within the organizational hierarchy. Through our Business Intelligence, users can customize reports based on individual needs. PCSoft ERP obviates the need to use external reporting tool and additionally integrates seamlessly withourBusiness lntillegence extension feature.

Cube wise Pivots / Dashboard List


  • Profit & Loss/ Income Statement Periodic Analysis
  • Trial Balance/ Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow/ Fund Flow Projection/For e casting
  • Bill By Bill Adjustment
  • Outstanding Ageing
  • GST Receivable /Payable


  • Consumption Analysis (Budget Vs Actual)
  • Production Analysis {Plan Vs Execution)
  • Capacity Planning & Utilization
  • Work Order Vs Production (Tracking)
  • Production Quality Controlling
  • Resource Planning and Utilization

Inventory /QC

  • Sub Contractor Tracking
  • Inventory Stock Valuation
  • Inter Intra Location Transfers
  • Receipt to Sale Tracking (SCM)
  • Quality Control Performance Analysis
  • Inventory Analysis (ABC/XYZ/FSN)

Production /QC

  • Purchase Register
  • Purchase Order v/s Procurement
  • Purchase Order Status
  • Procure to Pay Cycle
  • Purchase Trend
  • Purchase v/s payment


  • Sales Analysis
  • Sales Order v/s Dispatch
  • Sales Order Status
  • Order to cash Cycle
  • Sales Trend
  • Sales v/s Collection

Business Intelligence

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