Powerful Tools That Enable You To Stay Updated On Your Expenses


Our app prevents any errors in your accounting by automatically collecting transaction records from multiple sources and organizing expense reports from anywhere in the world.

Expense  App

As the  name suggests, the IEV Expense App allows you to keep a track of all your expenses, regardless of their nature. Expenses are the result of so many individual decisions. Your team does not have to wait until month end to submit their expenses sheet.They can submit their expenses on the  go as & when they do it with the required justification.It becomes easier for the  authorizer to approve or reject this & canbe done through our management app. Accounting Jvs can be posted directly to the required ledgers on approval or rejection of document.

Receipt Tracking

Our app automates all your receipts and automatically saves all the important details. Thus, you don’t have to waste time manually importing the data.

Expense Report Creation

Our app has an intuitive way to categorize expenses and automatically ensures that the details are shared with your finance, HR, and CRM systems.


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