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 Management App

Management app gives you the ability to approve your documents on the fly. App  is very useful for top as well as middle management.

You can manage your business by keeping a track of the following through the app:

  • Daily sales-Get your daily or monthly sales in one touch.
  • Cash Flows-Discover your receivables/ payables and determine your breakeven point. See your projections.
  • Rejection-Keep a check on today’s rejections on the shop floor
  • Attendance-Get an update on who is present in your organization today.
  • Approvals-It gives ability to authorize documents.



Great Features

ERP targets on all Specializations with Accurate Results and Enhanced Data Security efficiently.

Top Notch Design

ERP possesses proper MIS management via Business Automation with personnel, client satisfaction.

Friendly Support

ERP offers the most user friendly solution to every database for success of every establishment.

An App that can be trusted any one

The app is user-friendly and is extremely flexible which means that it can be customized according to the specific requirements of your business.

Building  tomorrow’s enterprise

Our app enables you to manage and control all the functions of your organization and allows you to generate measurable differences in your performance.

The power to do more

Our app includes all the required features to keep your business on track and harness the power of our ERP software for maximum profit.


Our team is constantly working to provide you better services. Download our app so that you can have access to all our latest and most innovative solutions.
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