Education is witnessing an unprecedented growth as students progressively use desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones to access the virtual classrooms. The easy to use technology has done wonders in transitioning the school administration and improving the way schools are managed.

The ERP software has various advantages and they serve everyone, involved in the school management system, well. The school ERP provides a set of tools that are beneficial not only to the administrators and staff but to the parents and students too.

Some of the benefits of using the ERP software in schools are as stated below.

Improved productivity

With the ERP software, minimal data redundancy is encountered while managing school records. Teachers can efficiently manage analytical information and the class reports of different classes. This saves time, reduces paperwork and increases the productivity of the school. The administrators can easily monitor performances of individual modules and take corrective measures to improve the same. With this software, you can optimise your resources in the best way possible.


The ERP software in school assists in the organization of various aspects of the school including admissions, fees, and results. The system auto-generates timetables and their alternatives. These timetables are generated in advance so that the teachers do not spend working hours in them.  The dependency of the processes on people is also eliminated as most of the functions are automated. Even tasks such as attendance and management of marks or grades are computerised, making them more accurate.

Regular updates

Keeping all the members of the school management is possible through this system. The students have access to their attendance, timetable, exam schedules and grades so that they may be better prepared. Parents get regular updates about the school through the messaging system, gallery and discussion forums.  With regular notifications about the fees, attendance and progress reports, the parents can pay better attention to their child’s performance in school. They also get prior knowledge of all the events and holidays in the school. Through e-mails and internal messaging the administrators and the teachers are also well informed about the changes that the school puts into effect.

Better connectivity

ERP connect various departments and campuses to each other with an integrated central platform. This makes managing schools in different locations stress-free. It also makes communication between the students, teachers, administrators and parents easy. Students can access a lot of information like books and articles through this software.  Parents can directly contact teachers and administrators to voice their questions or opinions.

Apart from the benefits stated above, a few other plus points are the user-friendly interface, better security with profile dependent access to data, quick generation of reports and the minimal It skills required to operate this software.

These advantages allow the school administrators to run the school smoothly and show their ingenuity, cost-saving and efficiency. The software also improves the quality of education and focuses on the need to reach desired goals with specific cost and time parameters. You can find customised ERP software for your school by connecting with PC Soft.  They provide unique ERP solutions for all your automation needs.

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