In today’s era, change is constant in the world of Human Resources. It is hence important to have a proper understanding of HR trends in 2020 when it comes to keeping the business up to date in attempting to tackle the HR market more proactively. Human resources are an integral part of the management grid of an organization. With its insights, it can potentially influence the operational performance of human resources, thereby invigorating the business. It helps to create a sustainable model of pay to set company wages and bonuses based on competing workers with equivalent or superior expertise. As 2029 pulls a veil, it introduces a year of new expectations and challenges. Let us examine and elaborate on some upcoming trends and challenges in Human Resource Management.

  • The Right Talent Discovery

With the rise in business competitions at a rapid pace and many other investments at stake, finding the most suitable talents for them will be a daunting task. This is one aspect which for most businesses in 2020 will be the reason for a headache.

This means that it will always be a complex process for all emerging sectors and organizations to find the right people to take care of their business processes. It is one of the greatest obstacles that HR managers will be facing this year 2020.

  • The WorkForce’s Upskilling & Grooming

One trend that needs to be properly emphasized is to be able to develop the capability of your current workers. In the future, grooming them with proper knowledge and skills will prove to be a fruitful decision for every company. Therefore in the upcoming year, businesses expect to encourage their staff to upgrade their level of skills by offering adequate training to get the best out of them. It is hence extremely important to be up to date with the modern world of knowledge & skills.

  • In HR & Hiring using Artificial Intelligence(AI)

A bulk of HR and hiring operations are now automated. And this automation phase can only be significantly accelerated in 2020. Using the fusion of AI-powered instruments and human components, it has now become a principle to engage and attract more workers.

Prominent HR programmes have started handling the applications, filtering & selecting process in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence(AI). Not just that the recruiting & interviewing of applicants is even more analyzed. Therefore the next big trend in coming years will be the greater percentage of AI mergers with HR & Recruiting.

  • Flexible adjustments for working

In order to retain a more skillful workforce, it is very important to provide them with a well-constructed, flexible working environment. Many talented young workers want flexible working hours in order to have a social life outside the workplace. Also after long breaks in the career, many talented women decide to come back to work. So many businesses have already begun to re-adjust their work arrangement policies to acknowledge this fact. In terms of the ability of a new employee to have a flexible working facility, there is a realignment to be done. As this has been a game-changer from a retention point of view in most businesses, it is a factor that gives them mental peace. If employers tend to remain adamant about following the traditional model of work arrangement policy, they begin to lose a lot of talented people.

  • Concentrating more on collaborative work

If any organization is looking to get the best out of its team, then collaborative teamwork is really essential. Organizations are therefore focusing on encouraging their staff to do their work as collaboratively as possible this year. It is observed in almost every organization these days and used as a force of strength to get their work done efficiently & productively.


Like every other year, 2021, from a business perspective, will be a very important year. If you set a goal for the next few years, you’ll have to plant your roots in 2020. The pace of business is growing rapidly, so Human Resource patterns will have to catch up with their essential business involvements. In order to contribute more to business, HR trends will have to be more impactful than ever before. At PC Soft, we are a group of technologists working to make enterprise management more efficient. To get customized HRMS software for your organization and to keep up with the pace of the fast-growing world, contact our team.

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