ERP integrated system is transforming the business world including E-commerce. The right kind of ERP solution can increase your E-commerce business performance and profitability considerably. ERP + e-commerce integration benefits higher productivity by streamlining and automating core business processes, open flowing of information to assigned users, quicker reporting across the functions, getting visibility in real-time and many more.

PC Soft ERP Solutions Pvt Ltd, based in Pune is one of the best platforms for providing ERP solutions to various types of businesses. E-commerce is highly dynamic and needs regular monitoring of its performance. So, you need to update your e Commerce system with integrated mode to stay in this competitive market.

Through this blog, the best ERP solution provider, PC Soft of Pune endeavours to make you aware of the top 7 benefits of an ERP + e-commerce integration. But before that let’s take a look at the drawbacks of the conventional system used in e-commerce.

Why do you need ERP integrated e-commerce?

There are several reasons why you need to shift your e-commerce business from conventional manual processing to ERP integration. These includes:

  • During manual handling of e-commerce business, mistakes at different levels are common. This risk your credibility.
  • Maintainance of catalogue and product data becomes difficult in manual processing.
  • Manual processing makes it difficult to track sales, conversions and performance.
  • The traditional method doesn’t provide satisfactory after-sales services.
  • You don’t get real-time updates related to inventory, pricing and order tracking, etc., through manual processing.

These hurdles in your eCommerce can be easily overcome by ERP + e-commerce integration, the latest software introduced by PC Soft of Pune

Top 7 benefits of an ERP + E-commerce integrated system

An ERP+ e-commerce integration facilitates the coordination between the company’s eCommerce site with the backend and accounting inventory system. The system enables a bidirectional flow of information between any two or more business processes. PC Soft, the best ERP solution provider, through its latest ERP + e-commerce integration handles all your e-commerce business efficiently. Let’s see the top 7 benefits of the system.

Safe Login option: PC Soft’s ERP integrated e-commerce system provides the unique account with a discreet ID and safe data with a secure password. It provides separate log-in for each customer and employee.

Orders and Listings: ERP+ e-commerce integration offers a single dashboard to handle orders and listings to gain insights into sales. With the help of linear graphs or percentages, it enables to measure the progress of the sales. Moreover, it gives instant information related to the products or items such as orders under process, dispatched, accepted or rejected.

Product Listing: Integrated ERP b2b business, provides discreet and clear listings that allow a customer to get a clear idea of the product or item, they want to choose.

Customer-friendly: Our ERP+ e-commerce integration gives every detail about the product and helps customers to access the app through mobile or desktops at their convenience.

Payment Gateway and Shipping: An ERP+ e-commerce integration provides a hassle-free payment gateway that leads to loyal and returning patronage. It also ensures a secure transaction.

Target V/S Achievement Details: OurERP+ e-commerce integration solutions help to manage the performance of the sales team. It gives a detailed insight into the month-wise targets and achievements.

Onboarding of New Customers: Customer onboarding is a process that governs how new clients start their relationship with a firm. Our ERP+ e-commerce integration automates all the business instantly. This speeds up the processes to provide a fantastic client experience at large.


So, if you are facing issues in your e-Commerce business due to manual handling, try PC Soft’s ERP+ e-commerce integration. It is the latest software solution offered by PC Soft Solution Pvt Ltd, the best place that can resolve all e-commerce business issues.

You can avail of the services of this trusted company that started its business in 1998 and resolves your issues at the most affordable price.

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