Whilst selecting an ERP Solution is not an ordinary decision. When selected right, it can increase business performance and profitability considerably. Businesses from OEM to tier levels are implementing ERP Software as per need and capex. ERP Solution benefits higher productivity by streamline and automating core business processes, open flow information to assigned users, quicker reporting across the functions, simplified and integrated IT systems as one and many more.

For choosing right ERP Solution, one must do professional accessibility with needs and decide. PC soft ERP solutions Pvt. Ltd. is capable to provide best innovative solution for various sectors.

Below are the Top 5 Points organizations must consider before finalising ERP software:

  1. Various alternatives for ERP Solutions as per Size of Organisation :

There are various options available today for ERP Solutions. Based on the type of ERP Solution and provider, standard or customised options are available.

Module based ERP Solutions are standalone or less flexible & good for specific function of an organisation, like supplier management, finance, purchase, or logistics. Cloud based ERP data stored at the providers cloud data. In-house ERPare traditional once where everything is controlled at customer end. The ERP software is installed on customer server & so has greater flexibility.

Organisation can choose small business or Mid-Market or Enterprise version of ERP Solution. Small business ERP Software mostly spreadsheet based with limited number of users and data storage on Cloud. Mid-market ERP Solution has most or all departments included and has scalability option, whereas Enterprise Edition ERP Software are most complex, inclusive, and flexible to adapt. At the same time investment for Enterprise edition could be the highest among.

  1. Infrastructure readiness :

In continuation to above point, organisations must check feasibility of deploying selected ERP Solutions in current IT infrastructure & the server specifications. The server should be capable enough to handle day-to-day data flow. If needed, organisation must consider upgradation of the current infrastructure before deploying ERP Solution. Data security system must also be considered as part of infrastructure upgradation.

  1. Adaptability for the change :

At Times, company culture or adjust the way of doing things may be difficult to change, so it should be top-down approach to mandate this change in system to new ERP. Middle management must be integrated and taken in confidence to reach this change till employee level.

ERP training in the implementation plan, suggesting empowerments and efficiency increased to new users can mitigate this challenge to the extent. Based on feedback, necessary customisations and adaptation to final ERP Solution can be done. Please note that, not all ERP Solutions can be customized.

  1. Capital cost investment :

In addition, ERP Solution selection is based on the investment planned by the organisation. Cloud based ERP Software easy to adapt and also need less investment than standalone in house ERP Software. Inhouse ERP Software need capable hardware infrastructure and trainings for all users, however it’s highly customisable to the need of organisations. In house ERP Solution needs dedicated maintenance team for effective usage and reducing downtime.

  1. Quality of Data handling:

Replacing legacy data with digital data and migrating same to new system needs to be planned. Level, amount, and quality of business data to be integrated into the ERP Solution must be decided beforehand.

Appointing a vendor or IT expert, to guide data management process and map the migration technique can be wise option. So the data integrity of the new system is the key for successful implementation of ERP Solution.


Many ERP Solutions and modules exist; depend on your need and size of organisation, one should select them wisely for best output at less investment and running costs.

PC Soft is a leading company providing businesses with ERP solutions customised to their needs. Contact our team and we will provide the most suited ERP Solution for your organisational needs.

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