The first implementation of robotics in the automotive sector was as far back as the 1960s and, ever since, the industry has been striving towards production lines that are more efficient, flexible and precise. As automotive manufacturing continues to strive towards greater innovation and heightened productivity, it needs to continue to leverage technology and information to build a competitive advantage.

Automotive business is going through a rapid change and evolution. Original Equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are reconsidering their business strategies to incline it towards a more profitable business. A productive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution will be an advantage to the company in this competitive industry. Now, the automotive industries will have a better idea of resolving their emission and electrical transformations under strict industrial laws. ERP solution is the most fundamental requirement to provide will high quality performance to the industry.

Here are some of the points where you can get an idea of ERPs importance in the industry and its benefits

Cloud computing services:

New Cloud based ERP systems is the next-gen solution to the automotive industry. Cloud based ERP solution manages people and machines effectively. It also provides a real time database to stakeholders eliminating the risk of data loss from other systems. Cloud based ERP solution makes it efficient to manage people and machines.

ERP solution enables the organizational structures and operational strategies to be modified and updated with time. Data analysis makes to possible to improve production, inventory management and CRM.

Data Analysis:

Now OEMs are experiencing changes due to IT advancements. Collected data through different business operations and processes can be analyzed to further improve value chain of manufacturing operations. Data analysis provides an opportunity to implement ERP solution efficient and lucrative manufacturing business.

ERP Integration with Finance:

An organization can only get successful if its financial functions are aligned with its business goals and strategies. Adding to it firms can integrate ERP solutions within their financial accounting to make their operations more efficient and high yielding. ERP solution allows supplier portal to connect with manufacturer’s financial modules to value chain. This allows both manufacturer and stakeholders to keep a check on their quotations, bills, invoices and revenue results.


To stay ahead of the competition, organizations today must make better decisions, provide better customer service, and find new business opportunities from their data. The key to achieving this is leveraging all available data at their disposal. By feeding this data into the cloud and utilizing machine learning and other smart analytics, companies can start to make sense of the vast variety of data and apply it where relevant, to reimagine the user experience completely.
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