For companies with essential modules such as Human Resources, Accounting & Financial Reporting, Customer Relationship Management, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Delivery, etc., an ERP system is an integrated and more effective programe. An organization enjoys comparatively better and safer risk control in compliance with the correct ERP and e-commerce. In addition, the proper CRM section would help preserve a dignified consumer relationship and effectively increase sales. Integrated modules such as Finance, Accounts, Production, MRP I & II, Distribution inter-relate effortlessly and provide each other with real-time data. Some main features of this are

  • Encompassment of key divisions
  • Improved version of ERP to assist companies with cost-effective initiatives
  • Amplification for bond deepening
  • Using a well-informed ERP framework to boost workflows

How does PC soft’s orderbooking app aid in making your business simpler and smoother?

PC soft’s magnificently designed application provides companies with unparalleled resources that enable better strategies and streamlined outcomes to achieve challenging goals easier.

  1. Supervision Over Verticals

Administrative management in an organization is important and serves as a foundation for the implementation and success of activities that are capable of achieving the targets set and contributing to its sustainability and development. The application is designed in a way that it administers and motivates proficiency through all the modules supporting the e-commerce activities of your organization.

  1. Precise Decisive Results

Decisions are made at any phase of business undertakings. It is often known as one of management’s significant roles. Decisions are taken for administrative roles such as planning, scheduling, organizing, directing, coordinating and controlling. The final choice is produced only by the decision-making process. Through detailed observation, the implementation can still be guided by correct decisions for fast and successful outcomes.

  1. Customer Relationship

The type of relationship an organization maintains with its specific consumer segments is defined by ideal customer relationships. Customer relationships are driven by customer acquisition, retention of customers, and revenue growth. A well-functioning application stimulates bright outputs that often please clients while reinforcing bonds

  1. Analytics & Reporting

An analytical report is a type of business report that evaluates and analyses a business plan or method using qualitative and quantitative company data, while encouraging workers to make data-driven decisions based on facts and insights. Innovative software provides a comprehensive look to operationally aid in decision making and reports.

  1. Employee Monitoring

In addition to module expertise, the application also encourages employee section audits for greater productivity in their jobs. Employee monitoring helps an organization to track the behavior of employees and to regularly monitor involvement in duties relevant to the workplace. An organization that uses employee reporting on a software will track efficiency, control attendance, ensure protection, and obtain data of hours worked.

  1. Better Data Security

In addition to helping to mitigate data breaches, the introduction of data protection policies also protects your company from unnecessary financial risks, lack of customer confidence, and possible challenges to brand credibility and future revenues. The carefully designed software provides improved data protection and safety measures integrated with specificity.

  1. No Manual Intervention required

Automation is what PC Soft desires to facilitate e-commerce, with significant efforts in designing and developing solutions that require little to no manual intervention. We have created ERP solutions that automate everything from inventory, pricing, etc. reports to automatic data merging, data updating and modifying, and much more. Automated processes like an end to end automated e-invoice and e-way bill supporting the government’s effort of streamlining trade and business activities. There are two parts of an e-way bill; Part A contains invoice details such as the supplier’s and recipient’s GSTIN, invoice number, delivery address, HSN codes, etc. Existing e-way bill portal users can use the same e-invoice portal login credentials instead of getting a new registration.

  1. One Window Approach

A system that allows e-commerce companies to share standardized data and information with a single entry point to fulfill all requirements. Only once can all individual data elements be submitted.


The Indian e-commerce industry has been on a trajectory of upward growth. The latest ERP by PC soft has GST implemented in the most practical way and redempts you from the additional pressure of ASP data. You can upload the GSTN files directly and the app can take care of all the financial taxes that will directly propel the corporation into the modern tax age. It will also assist you in seamlessly reevaluating your current tax credits and stock. To develop your company or for more information, get in contact with us.

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