The HR software that a firm utilises should not just benefit the employer, but it should also have capabilities that benefit employees. It must be chosen with the intention of allowing the organisation to grow alongside its people. Many businesses are trapped with restricted capability software that wastes time because they don’t know which modules and capabilities the software they’re using should have. Hiring one of the best ERP software companies like PC soft, is the right solution. Here are a few of the most important and must-have modules to look for in your HR software.

  1. Module for Recruitment: – According to statistics, approximately 22% of newly hired employees leave their positions within the first 45 days. The numbers speak for themselves: in the sector of human resources, the hiring procedure is at the top of the list. Include a robust Recruitment Module from one of the best ERP software companies, in your HR Software to assist in the creation of a talent database that will contribute to the company’s success. The recruitment module aids in the creation of adverts, the management of applications, and the administration of documents, among other things. The module saves time, guarantees that the same operation is not repeated, and includes the following features:
  • System for Sorting Applications
  • With many types of forms, it is simple to enter information.
  • User access to various regions of the Application Tracking System can be configured.
  • Integrated workflow management system
  1. Onboarding: Most new hires find interacting with management frightening, which might leave a new employee perplexed about the new company. This module assists staff and new hires in becoming familiar with all onboarding procedures, as well as allowing new workers to access all necessary employer and organisation information on a single platform. Here are some of the features offered by the Onboarding module by ERP software companies:
  • Important information to new hires is delivered automatically.
  • Sends Team-Based Tasks to new employees right away.
  • Track your documents in real time.
  1. Performance Management: It’s critical to keep track of how each employee performs in terms of overall efficiency. Organizations should have a system that keeps track of each employee’s detailed performance data. The Performance Management Module by ERP software companies has the following functions in addition to monitoring functionality:
  • Manages all of the system’s reviews and feedback.
  • Create and fill out forms with the help of these guides.
  • Notifies employees when they need to be notified.
  • Provides a system for individualised review.
  1. Management of talent

This module, which focuses on identifying people with potential, should help you set up talent pipelines with specific roles and succession planning in mind. There should be no gaps between recruitment, learning & development, and performance management, good ERP software companies alwaystake care of that

  • The following are some of the most common features seen in talent management modules:
  • Planning for the future
  • Alignment with the strategic business goals of the organisation
  • Individual career planning and identification of professional paths
  • Linking to important recruitment campaigns
  • Benchmarking for rewards (internal and external)
  1. Workforce Management: This has a significant impact on the organization’s scheduling. This module cannot function independently without proper guidance of ERP software companies and must be linked to another system. When the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) are linked to the module, it makes more sense. Employee attendance records and leave schedules are other key factors to consider, since they must be organised in order for this human resource software to effectively manage the workforce.
  • Shift management and scheduling
  • Workflow tracking
  • Real-time data and metrics on the management dashboard


Following are some most sought-after features of HRMS software.

HR Software Features

1) Centralized Employee Database

2) Automated Time Off

3) Employee Self-Service

4) HR Reporting

5) Applicant Management

Some of these modules may overlap; for example, benefits management may come under the payroll umbrella; and fact, payroll (and/or compensation administration, which includes broader incentive and recognition packages) is frequently considered as both an HRMS module and a stand-alone function or application.

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