With humongous and various amounts of tasks in a company, one of them is managing the employees and their payrolls. Hence, every business needs a system to maintain a flow in these tasks. Using human resource software helps you achieve expected lucidity and transparency in your management process. Along with this, it helps you manage talent, making the employees happy and driving productivity.
The new innovation in HRMS software is the cloud-based systems that have a high appreciation and hence, demand in the market. It has increased transparency, accessibility, and mobility in the software.
This software allows you to manage information of your employees, eliminate or limit manual tasks, and keep the payroll information in order. It not only saves the time of the HR management but makes the rest of the procedures like planning, decision making, and budget management easier. It also brings clarity in the administration and management by providing information such as the need of employees in a certain department, maintaining historical data, information of potential applicants previously approached, etc. There is an array of other benefits that helps a company cope up with challenges in management.

Why PCSoft’s HRMS?

PCSoft’s HRMS are user-friendly and really simple to acquire, which helps you to manage and automate your human resource practices in the most efficient way. The software is integrated with numerous functions and designed with a view to automating all HR responsibilities such as payroll, timesheets and attendance of every team of a company. PCsoft’s solutions are known to eliminate time-consuming tasks so that the employees can focus on the more valuable tasks like culture, retention.
PC Soft creates fast systems that enable quick implementation and hence helps reduces all the complexities and extra expenses in your process. Their systems are integrated with various tools that allow prompt information access. Therefore, you can rely on them for speed and quality. With a lucid management your HR team can also suggest new approaches to bring about improvements in your company. There will be clear communication and will help develop new policies in the favor of your employees.

Core Features and Benefits of PCSoft’s HRMS

● Complete employee database on a single platform
● Job-status of every employee
● Current and previous salary data
● Scheduling of tasks
● Time tracking
● Leaves status and history
● Biometric time log
● Tax audit
● Bonus status
● Insurance information
● Annual reviews
● Event management
● Training sessions
● Payroll management
● Payroll accounting
● Security
● Hardware Interfacing
● Managing the biometric data
● Attendance
● Recording
● Reporting
● Interfacing with HR and Payroll Modules
● Manual Punch
● Workflow Administration


PCSoft makes helps maintain a peaceful and flawless work environment and drives your management intelligence and accumulates core data. This is why it is suitable for various industries at affordable costs. Along with HRMS the company provides integration option with multiple domains that include SCM and CRM.

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