The onset of digital era has brought a tremendous amount of change in the business industry and the way it is conducted these days. Smartphones have essentially become a crucial part of our work process as people use it as an extension of a desktop to respond to email, research industry trends or even make business transactions outside of the office.
A manufacturer need to make efforts to customise their mobile device to business, an efficient and user-friendly eco-system will make them an asset for the enterprise.
Mobile apps where a source of entertainment and used for social media in their initial phase, however now they have become an essential tool to boost productivity in businesses and personal life as well.
Mobile apps have huge potential advantages associated which led to more dependence on such apps by manufacturers to increase their productivity. Apps can improve user experience for both the consumer and businesses. Using apps as a part of a business model allows for a competitive advantage in terms of forward thinking, creativity and accessibility.

Mobile apps are developed for various purposes, and the right developer can create an application that performs nearly any task. Here is some of the emerging mobile app technology in the manufacturing sector:

Integrated mobile app for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software
An integrated mobile app with customer relationship management portal makes it possible to communicate with customers or process orders on the go. This is beneficial for workers in large organisations with huge manufacturing facilities where it takes time to travel from one department to another, a worker can handle these tasks easily through the mobile app.
Integration allows for faster order fulfilment and decreases response time on customer queries or concerns. A prompt response can increase the prospect for maximizing sales or converting a one-time customer into a recurring customer.

Real-time tracking of business model
A smartphone technology lets manufacturers use a single device to handle all tasks, whether it’s sending an email, attending a virtual meeting, fulfilling a customer’s order or taking inventory of stock. Usage of a single device for multiple tasks turns out to be an economical solution for industries reducing the investment on hardware purchase. A real-time inventory and order fulfilment mobile app gives a platform to perform tasks while automatically updating your databases, order tracking software and website. The improved order accuracy and faster status notifications for orders will make customers form a good reputation for the company.

Using Mobile Apps to generate Price Quotes
Manufacturers can provide a price quote in moments with a configure, price and quote (CPQ) mobile app. This allows sales representatives to generate a quote while presenting their business and products in front of clients at a different location.
The ability to provide an accurate price estimate is paramount, as it has been found that manufacturers see a 70% conversion rate from prospective clients who receive a quote during or immediately after the sales pitch.
Production Monitoring and Management Apps
The onset of modern mobile app and Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) technology, you could program a production run from a remote location using your smartphone or tablet.
A shorter production time means higher customer satisfaction and more money in cases where you can justify adding a surcharge for expedience.

Connecting With the IoT for Real-Time Machinery Monitoring and Repairs
A few minutes of downtime can impact a manufacturing facility’s bottom line, hence it’s important that the technicians are alerted immediately when a piece of machinery or equipment goes offline. Mobile apps give the ability to tap into the sensors installed as part of your IoT interface, enabling your team to identify machinery needing preventative maintenance or servicing.
There are several uses of mobile apps for supply chain and shipping logistics as well. Apps can manage inventory, track items and ship the right items to the right location.

A manufacturing plant is a tedious place with multiple processes happening at the same time. Manufacturing facilities require a high degree of precision if they wish to maximize efficiency in today’s modern world. Mobile and internet technology is key to achieving that precision. We at PC Soft design customised apps for businesses and provide ERP solutions to streamline the enterprise and reduce the number of hardware required. Get in touch with us to upgrade your business now.

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