Optimizing your supply chain management is crucial to increasing the overall profit and efficiency of your business. Together with improved delivery times, delivery accuracy and customer service, a well-managed supply chain can surprise you by generating many hidden savings. Many-a-times failure in making the link between the logistical process and the financial information leads to missed out potential profits by the organisation.

In this curated blog, PC Soft ERP Solutions Pvt Ltd, the best ERP solutions provider in Pune provides you suggestions of how adopting smart supply chain management can increase the efficiency as well as the profitability of your business.

Ways to Improve the Profitability of the Organisation

Proper management of inventory: In order to, run an E-commerce business efficiently, inventor items must be stocked in sufficient quantity. This is of prime importance as inventory shortage leads to losing the credibility of your customer. Neither have surplus inventory as this holds the cash in the form of goods that leads to a decrease in cash flow and also increases extra warehouse cost. A balance is required to be made between being able to meet the demand and minimising the stock. Moreover, you must have clear visibility into the stock to overcome the threat of a shortage of inventory.

Vendor cash control: While dealing with your vendors, there are several automatic processes that need to be analysed and optimised critically. You can avoid purchasing unnecessary stock, eliminate the cost in the correction of orders, supplies and optimise payment terms with suppliers.

Control operation expenses: Frequent errors in the operation lead to extra expenses. For instance, there can be the occurrence of incorrect supplies due to various reasons. You must make corrections not only for those relevant orders but try to find the source point from where those errors arose to avoid the repetition of mistakes.

Settlement of payments with customers: To have a long-lasting relationship with your customers and to optimise costly errors, it is essential to execute the orders timely, with the right product in the right quantity at the right place. However, a factor as essential as these has also to be kept into account and that is the payment settlements with the client. Reduction in the term between the order and payment, resolving the issue of late payments, getting visibility into the missing payments and invoicing for them save a great deal.

By reducing these costs, you’ll eventually have better savings. However, this can be obtained by improving the efficiency of your organisation through smart supply chain management.

Ways of obtaining efficient supply chain management

Find the right supplier: To ensure a business to be successful, it is very important to devote time to finding a reliable supplier who is reputed to supply standard quality products, provide the best customer care and packaging and follows ethical ways of doing business.

Invest in staff development: To operate an efficient and streamlined SCM is a daily challenge. Your workforce requires formal training, on-job training, coaching, mentoring, etc. to improve their efficiency.

Adopt new technologies: Various new technologies have come into existence to secure efficient supply chain management. For instance, Warehouse Management systems, ERP solutions, etc. help companies to streamline their supply chain management. These software and technology-driven SCM help to get a better insight into your business and make your business work efficiently. These are cost-effective ways of managing your business and also gives you an edge over your competitors. So, get updated technologies to streamline your supply chain management.


Thus, look for ways that can improve your supply chain management and help to increase the profitability and efficiency of your business. As mentioned above, technologies play an important role to enhance the efficiency of your SCM, PC Soft ERP Solution Pvt Ltd located in Pune is a trusted ERP solution provider in pune that can help you to manage all your supply chain efficiently. To avail of our service, contact us.

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