Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a technological solution to improve manufacturing and industrial process by optimizing Internet of Things (IoT) with ERP systems. It includes machine to machine communication, machine learning, automation, and big data. It aims to eliminate manual execution to reduce errors and boost consumer experience.

Integrating IIoT and ERP lessens human intervention that leads to less the number of tasks and human errors. It enables more accurate inventory reports as well as a tracking method. Embedding sensors with your machinery makes troubleshooting easier i.e. you get instant notifications if it needs repairing or replacement. You have prompt accessibility to data that helps you make an informed and quick decision. Along with limitless progress and development, combining IIoT and ERP will eliminate your labour costs and improve safety.

It provided additional information such as locations, usage, performance, and much more. The software also has the ability to detect and solve the issue; furthermore it even maintains and upgraded data.  It affects many aspects of company operations like supply chain, revenues, production, and other processes. This article focuses on how the mentioned aspects are positively affected by the introduction of IIoT in ERP software.

Benefits of Merging IIoT and ERP

Enhanced Business Process 

A lot of hand-operated tasks are automated with the help of IIoT like barcode scanning or data entry need not be entered manually which introduces operational lucidity. The embedded sensors enable us to track activity or tasks, right from production to delivery.

It also improves product quality as well as value of production. For example, sensors installed in refrigerators help you limit your use and save electricity. Another example can be the detectors that immediately alarm regarding any update, repair, and breakdowns. The core information of your business is available on a single platform; this benefits you to build up an effective and powerful business strategy and make constructive decisions for your venture.

Digitalized Supply Chain

It makes inventory and forecasting management really easy plus preparing forecasting models, stock models, and order models become faster. This is possible as IIoT provides real-time data that includes demographics of usage, frequency, and preference of your product. The chance to scrutinise consumer behaviour enables effective supply chain planning. You can also get rid of indistinct stores and warehouses.  It also wipe-outs most of your paperwork as everything is automatically stored on the system.

Swift Management 

You can even monitor your fixed assets that will give you real-time information to avoid further losses. IIoT helps you to feed that information automatically into the ERP systems that in turn develops a more beneficial operational process. An apt example would be installing detectors with your machinery or vehicle that will correlate the onboard diagnostics with the ERP systems. This will take your management and maintenance one step ahead of geo-fencing as well as tracking and result in increased performance efficiency.

 Better Interaction 

There are various middlemen throughout the manufacturing and delivery procedure. Keeping the record of each stage becomes highly confusing and customer satisfaction is compromised. But with joining ERP software and IIoT, actionable insights are possible with which your process gets a proactive approach. As there is clear communication you can gauge your business’s potential and scope for improvement. The best example would be equipping your equipments with a radio frequency identification sensor which is featured with automated monitoring of every movement, right from shipping to delivery.


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