E-commerce, a revolutionised way of doing business became popular a few decades back when the internet was opened for the use of commercial sites. Online selling products and services is a better way as it is cost-effective, faster and can reach a wider user. However, in this revolutionised way, if you add ERP integration software, you’re able to manage your online site and back end inventory and account with increased efficiency and smoothness. It also helps in an enhanced customer experience.

The latest E-commerce ERP integration solution by PC Soft, Pune is very helpful for all e-commerce businesses. It helps to get real-time visibility of your data. If a change is made at a place, ERP integration updates the changes to other places as well. For example, when an item is sold off, the data gets automatically updated at inventory level and accounts accordingly. Here, let’s see how our E-commerce ERP integration software increases efficiency and customer experience.

How does ERP integration help to enhance customer experience and make the e-commerce site efficient?

Make efficient the supply chain

E-commerce ERP integration helps to streamline your supply chain. In every business, customers or clients are the bosses. Hence, to satisfy your customers, you need to make the ordering task, shipping, tracking order and delivery, to be fast and accurate. These are complex and time-consuming processes. They are tough to manage through disjointed applications and spreadsheets.

ERP integration reduces manual data entry to a minimum. This eliminates the errors that can hamper your supply chain and risk customer satisfaction. ERP makes use of a central hub of data that is automatically updated and enable the next stage of the workflow. Your production plant is able to accommodate the request of the customers when they change their orders. The whole system gives you the edge to respond to the needs of your customer. Moreover, the transparency and the visibility, it offers, make it easier for customers as well as the employees to handle your e-commerce site.

Efficient planning of the demand

Your customers expect you to fulfil their demands. If due to inadequate stocking, you fail, it’s really embarrassing. PC Soft’s E-commerce ERP integration software facilitates forecasting and planning inventory. This eradicates the issue of inadequate stocks. ERP identify the trends and predicts demands. With this information, you can automate the inventory levels and can develop plans to stock the materials and meet the customer’s demand.

In addition, customers are able to access the inventory levels. It displays the information related to an item availability – whether in stock or limited or out of stock. The customers are thus able to place the order accordingly.

E-commerce sites being mobile-friendly

Today, people want everything to get accessed through smartphones due to them being handy and mobile. So, it is important for your e-commerce websites to be mobile-friendly as well as tablet-friendly. The features such as 3D products view, touch-screen facility of these gadgets provide an elevated customer experience. M-commerce or better known as the mobile e-commerce trend is rising and will stay, hence you cannot afford to neglect it. E-commerce ERP integration of PC Soft can be easily accessed through the mobile app.

Easy and quick payment options

We have multiple payment options and ERP integration helps your E-commerce website to accept all sorts of payment options. In addition, easy methods such as single touch payment can be handled by most of the customers, even those who are from remote areas and technically less updated.

Enhanced Customer Support

For an e-commerce business, satisfied customer support should be on the priority level. Customers require pre and post-sales support. Moreover, e-commerce customers require the brands to respond to their queries in a minimum time on the different social media platforms. Thus, your e-commerce websites should be rich in information so that it becomes easier for customers to make sound decisions. ERP integrated e-commerce site together with a content-rich website helps your customers to get penetrating insights of your products and helps your employees to work efficiently and satisfy your customers with smooth workflow.

Why do you need ERP integrated e-commerce business necessary?

E-commerce ERP integrated software makes your e-commerce business fast and easier. It is cost-effective and error-free. Here, your front e-commerce site is connected to back end business processes. Thus, the entry made at one place on the centralised dashboard is updated at different places. It, therefore, reduces time and labour. It eliminates the errors which occur due to manual handling that risks your credibility.


PC Soft ERP Solutions Pvt Ltd with its ERP integration Software helps you to handle all your business at your fingertips. Thus, to skyrocket your e-commerce business, get it integrated with ERP Solutions from PC Soft of Pune which is an experienced and trusted ERP solution provider. With our software, you will be able to have an efficient e-commerce business by providing an improved customer experience. For more details, visit our homepage.

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