ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning, the business process management software is transforming the business world. It helps you to manage and integrate your company’s financial, supply chain, operation, commerce, reporting, manufacturing and human resource activities. Every day new changes are made in ERP technology to make your business run effectively and efficiently.

Here, in this blog, we will discuss a few prominent points that are going to shape the future of ERP solutions and we at PC Soft ERP Solutions Pvt Ltd of Pune cater to inculcate those changes to provide you with the best ERP solutions.

Looking back at how today’s ERP emerged

Before we talk about what’s the future of ERP, let’s have a glimpse of how the present-day ERP emerged. The origin of ERP can be traced back to the 1960s with its connection with manufacturing industries. During that time a system, Inventory Management was developed to manage and control the inventory.

Then came into existence Material Resource Planning, MRP I of the 1970s and MRP II of the 1980s. These utilized software applications to process the whole manufacturing process from product planning, parts purchasing, inventory control to product distribution.

The Gartner Group in the 1990s coined the term ERP. The technology used the multi-module application software system to improve the performance of the internal business processes. Due to its high upfront costs, it was implemented only by big corporates.

But after 2000, the internet, web-browser, cloud becoming common, various technological advancements have been made possible: Smart devices, IoT, SaaS, etc. have made our life much easier. Today, since all data and information are easily accessible from Cloud, the cost of ERP system for businesses have gone sufficiently down. This has led small and medium-size businesses too to integrate their business processes with ERP systems.

PC Soft Pvt Ltd of Pune, since its inception in 1988 has been in tune with all the technological advancements and we cater to provide the best and the latest ERP solutions to our clients.

Future of ERP Technology

Now let’s predict what may be the future of ERP Solutions in India and Globally.

  • ERP system to become more user-friendly

Our new generation is technically more advanced and when they enter the workforce, the primitive dashboard doesn’t allure them. So, businesses need to provide the latest ERP- based dashboards to their next-gen workforce. ERP vendors like our PC Soft Pvt Ltd, are coming up with more innovative ERP solutions that are more agile, intuitive and user-friendly.

  • Easy accessibility of ERP on mobile devices

Today, we want everything on our smartphones or tablets or any such device that are handy and can be carried easily. Even store personnel and clerks to management are expected to access ERP through mobile devices instead of fixed desktops. This gives them access to work from anywhere and anytime. This unbelievable flexibility provided by mobile ERP is the dream that’s becoming a reality.

  • Customized ERP Software

Companies want to have customized ERP software that could their unique business requirements. A few years back, ERP customization was a risky affair but now ERP vendors are working to offer customized ERP solutions that are less risky and more acceptable.

  • Combining ERP and SaaS

SaaS applications have recently become very popular and the ERP companies are gauging the potential benefits that the combination of ERP software and SaaS application would have. This would bring down the cost and would allow businesses of different sizes to implement ERP systems of their own.

The ERP industry is constantly in a state of flux and to successfully implement an ERP system, it’s important to be in touch with the best ERP consultants. PC Soft ERP Solutions Pvt Ltd of Pune keeps updating its system with the latest trends and we offer the best and the latest ERP Solutions to our clients.

PC Soft ERP Solutions Pvt Ltd provides the Best Solutions!

PC Soft has a track record of being one of the fastest ERP implementers in the country.

We provide truly integrated modules such as Finance, Accounts, Production, Supply chain, Distribution and offers real-time information to one another.

Our firm has expertise in a single product for 30 years and provides robust, powerful and extremely accurate solutions.

We provide features that will keep you updated and will allow you to scale everything related to business.


ERP integrated systems are growing exponentially and the new trends are creating a niche. Let’s watch what ERP technology has to offer us in the coming five years. But it certainly is going to transform the business world.

PC Soft, the Best ERP Software provider in Pune is a leading company that offers businesses with ERP solutions. It’s a one-stop shop for all ERP needs. So, if you need any assistance regarding ERP, PC Soft is the best place.

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