Is your E-commerce business integrated with the latest ERP software? If not, integrate it. Or else your business may be at risk

If you want your e-commerce business to grow and run successfully, ditch manual handling and implement ERP integration.

How manual handling can hamper your e-commerce business?

While you’re working manually, there may be

  • Wrong product information
  • Wrong and outdated product prices
  • Confusing inventory level
  • Missed orders
  • Incorrect shipping address

These mistakes and errors can cause your instant downfall – as your customers won’t be patient with your errors and mistakes.

So, what’s the solution? An efficient e-commerce ERP Integrated software is highly recommended as it’ll help your e-commerce business to become a big success.

Here, let’s see what an ERP integration is and how it can help you?

What are the basics of ERP and e-commerce integration?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) helps to integrate different processes of a business into one centralized system. Several back-office functions like IT services, inventory updating, warehouse management, and HR functions can be easily conducted using ERP integrated software. When your e-commerce is paired with ERP, they become one and work from a single unified data hub that eliminates several pitfalls.

With the B2B eCommerce ERP integration, your e-commerce site becomes more manageable and well-organized that streamlines and automates all the order processing. It helps in the bi-directional flow of information and provides real-time visibility into all the aspects of your e-commerce.

How does e-commerce ERP integrated software help in e-commerce success?

To run a successful e-commerce business, you need to have effective control over the working of your business and enhanced customer satisfaction. An e-commerce ERP Integrated software helps to achieve both. Let’s see some of the benefits of the software. Since, in a business, the customer is the king, we’ll talk about customer satisfaction first.

Enhanced customer satisfaction

  1. Enhanced trust and credibility

If your e-commerce site is unable to give updated information related to the inventory level and its prices, it frustrates customers. For instance, you confirm an order placed by your customer, but after sometimes he/she comes to know that the item is out of stock. It is sure to risk your credibility. B2B eCommerce ERP integration eliminates such issues. It helps to give accurate information on your site and win the trust and credibility of your customer.

  1. Provide 24/7 information

The automated updating offered by ERP feeding gives your customers 24/7 and even on weekends the accessibility to real-time data. The customers can browse your e-commerce site and check the inventory level and also the status of the order and shipment at any time of the day.

  1. Self-reliant customers

With an eCommerce ERP Integrated Software, your customers have the accessibility to the accurate information of your site. If they require some help, they can find all the reviews, history, or tailored data on the site itself. From here the customers can get all the assistance they require. This eliminates the need to phone a call center for help.

Better control and reduced cost for your e-commerce business

  1. Automates the business process and reduces errors

An effective eCommerce ERP Integrated Software, automatically updates all the inventory levels, prices, and information related to products. This eliminates all the errors such as duplication, finger slippage, and double data entry. This saves a lot of your time and helps to minimize costly errors.

  1. Fast order fulfilment

Whenever your customer places an order, a truly integrated e-commerce business directly transfers the order from your e-commerce store to your ERP system. The order fulfilment process starts instantly and speeds up the turnaround time.

  1. Reduce inventory costs

The B2B eCommerce ERP integration updates all the online sales and inventory levels instantly. Thus, you get a clear overview of the sales of products such as which products are in demand, or which have a low sale. The integration helps you to accurately plan your purchase and this avoids out-of-stock situations or excess inventory. Thus, it reduces inventory costs.

  1. Increased control of your e-commerce business

An e-commerce ERP Integrated Software provides a reliable and accurate bi-directional flow of data between your systems. This helps your sales team to sell the item that they see on the system, confidently. You are able to get accurate financial reports that include both your e-commerce sales and orders. This provides a better insight into your business and helps in effectively managing it.


These are the most important benefits of E-commerce ERP Integrated Software. If properly implemented, it helps in the steady growth of your e-commerce business. So, if you’ve still not integrated your business with ERP, don’t lose time and get it implemented. PC Soft ERP Solutions Pvt Ltd located in Pune is the best ERP solution provider for your e-commerce business. Our team provides a complete ERP solution with tightly integrated smart modules. For more detail, contact our expert team.

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