A carefully planned and efficient ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system does wonder to your organization. It synchronizes all your information, streamlines your business operations, and improves communication and collaboration within your company. While performing these functions, the ERP system greatly reduces the cost of your business and boosts productivity and efficiency. However, the change from the traditional system to the ERP system is a challenging process. It takes a lot of time and careful planning to realize the benefits it does to your organization. The implementation of the new system not only changes the technology but also impacts the culture of your organization. Hence to enjoy the advantages of the ERP system, you must implement it successfully. Read below to know the steps you must undertake to successfully implement an ERP system in your business.

Steps to set up an ERP system for your business efficiently


Know your goals and objectives:

Before setting up an ERP system you must identify the objectives and needs of your organization and find ways in which an ERP system can help you. You need to understand the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of your organization so that they would help you effectively identify the problems that the ERP software will solve. It will also help you get an insight into your future projections and enables you to adapt your organization to the change.

Choose a Project Manager to look after the implementation process:

A capable project manager will look after the implementation process smoothly. Therefore give charge to a professional with the right expertise and experience who could guide your employees through the process. For this, you could find an internal employee or hire someone with appropriate skills for the role of a project manager.

Search for the right ERP software that caters for your needs:

It is a crucial step as much depends on your decision of choosing the ERP software. All ERP software does not everywhere. You must take into account your business needs, the industry you are in, your system requirements, and your future expectations, to decide on the type of ERP software that would implement. For this, you must discuss an expert ERP consultant who could satisfy all your queries related to the different types of ERP solutions. PC Soft’s expert consultants answer all your questions before setting up the best ERP solution for your organization.

Data Migration:

It is an important step for the successful implementation of the ERP system. Before migrating your data into your new ERP system, you must sort out everything that you find unnecessary or incorrect, so that the new system is clean and devoid of all inaccuracy.

Configure and test the system:

After you have found the right ERP software and conducted accurate data migration, configure the system with the chosen ERP solution and optimize it for your business needs. The selection of software and the vendor greatly impact the process. Some ERP software is quite good but requires a longer time for implementation. On the other hand, some are ready-to-go types of solutions. Similarly, some vendors might take time to review your requirements for making the implementation run smoother, while some may skip the step. However, you have to make a balance between attention to detail and time to implement, and for this, you need to discuss it with your vendor. After you have configured the system with ERP software, test it to ensure everything is working properly. Never go live without testing your system.

Provide training to your employees:

After the system is properly configured and tested, provide training to your employees so that they are able to work efficiently with the new system. To provide on-site ERP employee training, you must hire a team of experts. Make sure your IT team is provided with extensive training to efficiently handle any technical issues in the future.

Go live with the new ERP system:

Having properly implemented all the above six steps, it’s time for you to go live and start coordinating all your activities and resources, and effectively streamlining your business with the new ERP system.


To improve the working of your organization, it is quite necessary for you to implement ERP solutions into the organization. PCSoft ERP Solution Pvt Ltd based in Pune, with an expertise of over 30 years in a single product, offers you robust, powerful, and accurate ERP solutions. For all your requirements related to ERP solutions, contact our expert team.

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