What is an HRMS?

An HRMS is a combination of systems and processes that integrates human resources management and information technology through HR software. The automation of repetitive and time-consuming tasks associated with human resources management provides time saving for a the company’s valuable employees and allows the focus to shift to culture, retention, and other highly impactful areas.

HR Software can turn out to be a great asset when it’s accurately chosen and meets the particular demands of a business. It is definitely the next step you must take if for your company to succeed. However, before choosing you need to carefully look at the options available. There are several key functions that the majority of systems cover to a greater or lesser extent, as follows:

1. Automated recruitment
Tracking of various parts of recruitment process can be time-consuming and create a mess. With a customised HR software, the management can quickly create job boards from templates, applicant tracking system, and simplify shortlisting. An immediate automated interview invitations can be sent by email, interview feedback can be logged and generate new employee records before starting the onboarding process.

2. Employee onboarding
After hiring a new employee, it is necessary to coordinate the process that needs to be carried out across different departments to ensure that they have a seamless and positive start to their work. HR software enables you to automate your onboarding process and create a new employment record. It helps in generating contract and letter templates through a simple process. It can also allow the management to arrange the induction for your new team member by booking their place on training courses, ordering their IT equipment and even automatically sending them a welcome email on their first day.

3. Performance management
A set up for employee performance appraisal reminders for employees and managers can be created using this software, so they don’t miss appraisal meetings. On top of that, HR software enables you to automatically collate feedback and objective scores and report on team performance quickly and easily with benefits administration.

4. Leave management
A great benefit of HR software is that it allows employees to request leave online and head of the department to digitally authorize it. Massively speeding up of processes which can otherwise be an extraordinarily manual and labour-intensive task for the management system.

5. Employee exits

Automated exit interview process helps automatically archiving and storing records by creating template letters and forms to aid with the exit processes and managing on key trends gained from exit interviews with the aim of addressing critical areas of employee dissatisfaction to reduce staff turnover.

The above mentioned factors are not only to describe the features of HRMS software, but they also explain in depth the points you must look for in a company while choosing an HRMS software. We at PC Soft are a bunch of tech experts working towards providing ease of doing enterprise management. Get in touch with our team to get a customised HRMS software for your organisation and pace of with the fast growing world.

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