An ERP SOLUTION system is an integrated and more effective program for firms with critical modules such as Human Resources, Accounting & Financial Reporting, Customer Relationship Management, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Delivery, and so on. In compliance with the correct ERP SOLUTION and e-commerce, a firm enjoys substantially better and safer risk control. Furthermore, a proper CRM section would help maintain a respectful consumer relationship while also effectively increasing revenue. Finance, Accounts, Production, MRP I & II, and Distribution are all integrated modules that seamlessly interact and exchange real-time data.

The following are some of the most important aspects of this:

The encirclement of important divisions

Improved ERP SOLUTION version to aid businesses with cost-cutting measures

Bond-deepening amplification

Boosting workflows with a well-informed ERP SOLUTION framework

How does PCsoft’s order-booking app help you run your business more efficiently?

PCsoft’s beautifully designed program provides businesses with unrivaled tools that enable better strategies and streamlined outcomes, making it easier to attain difficult goals.

Vertical Directional Supervision

Administrative management is critical in an organization because it lays the groundwork for the implementation and success of operations that will help the organization achieve its goals and contribute to its long-term sustainability and development. The program is built in such a way that it manages and motivates proficiency across all of the modules that support your company’s e-commerce activity.

Results that are precise and decisive

Decisions are made at all stages of a company venture. It is frequently referred to as one of management’s most important responsibilities. Administrative duties such as planning, scheduling, organizing, directing, coordinating, and managing need decisions. The decision-making process is the sole source of the ultimate option. Correct decisions can still guide the implementation through careful observation for quick and successful results.

Customer Relationship Management

Ideal customer relationships identify the type of relationship a firm has with its distinct consumer categories. Customer acquisition, customer retention, and revenue growth are all factors that influence customer relationships. A well-functioning program produces dazzling outputs that frequently gratify clients while strengthening bonds.

Reporting & Analytics

An analytical report is a sort of business report that assesses and analyses a business plan or method using qualitative and quantitative company data, helping employees to make data-driven decisions based on facts and insights. Innovative software gives you a complete picture to help you make better decisions and generate reports.

Employee Observation

Aside from module knowledge, the application encourages employee section audits to help them be more productive at work. Employee monitoring allows a company to keep track of its employees’ actions and monitor their participation in work-related tasks regularly. Employee reporting software allows a company to track efficiency, control attendance, maintain security and gather data on hours spent.

Improved Data Security

Data protection rules safeguard your firm from avoidable financial risks, a lack of customer confidence, and potential threats to brand credibility and future revenues, in addition to helping to mitigate data breaches. Improved data protection and safety measures are implemented with specificity thanks to the carefully designed software.

There is no need for manual intervention.

PC Soft has made great efforts in inventing and implementing solutions that require little to no manual intervention to facilitate e-commerce. We’ve developed ERP SOLUTION systems that automate everything from inventory, pricing, and other reports to data merging, data updating, and modification, and much more. Automated processes such as an end-to-end automated e-invoice and e-way bill help the government streamline trade and commercial operations. Part A of an e-way bill provides invoice details such as the GSTIN of the supplier and recipient, invoice number, delivery address, HSN codes, and so on.

Using a Single Window

A system that enables e-commerce businesses to share standardized data and information through a single point of entry to meet all standards. Individual data pieces can only be uploaded once.


The Indian e-commerce business has been on an increasing trend. GST is incorporated in the most practical method in PC soft’s current ERP SOLUTION, which relieves you of the added burden of ASP data. You may immediately upload the GSTN files, and the program will handle all of the financial taxes, bringing the company into the modern tax era. It will also let you reevaluate your current tax credits and stock in a seamless manner.

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