A Management app is ERP Solution connecting all the core business activities like supply chain, manufacturing, services, financial and other processes in an organization. This app is provided to connect these processes cohesively and effectively.

The management app made by PC Soft, Best ERP Software provider in pune,is user-friendly and is flexible so it can be customized according to customer requirements. This app enables you to manage and control all the functions of your organization. 

Below are some of the major focus areas that the management app can provide information about.

Sales data module:

Sales activity is the basic purpose of any business. Without sales, businesses do not exist. So keeping track of all the sales cycle activities happening across the organization is the most important information available to users of the management app. It includes sales inquiry, quotations, order placement, order delivery status, tax invoicing, sales planning, lead generation, and total sales in the month or a specific period. This information on sales activities is helpful for management to decide future strategies and update wherever is needed. Sales forecasting is also possible for internal and external stakeholders.

Cash flow management:

The movement of cash in and out of a business in terms of income and expenditure is referred to as Cash flow. Positive cash flow means you can pay off bills and liabilities, whereas a negative cash flow means you need to find a way to pay off bills. Cash flow is the health meter for any business so keeping close track of this is important for planning all business activities.

The cash flow management module provides all crucial information about cash flow including cash and bank transactions, supplier’s invoice payment releases, cash receipt from sales invoices, or any other payment receipt or to be done. With this functionality, analyzing financial transactions in a specific period and deriving information regarding sources of fund and cash liquidity for payments if any to be done.

Approval workflow:

With the approval workflow module, the approver can quickly review and provide decisions online. This can fast-track the process of approvals for documents. Documents like Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Invoices, payment releases, dispatches can be done reviewed and approved easily.

So this is a helpful, hassle-free, physical documentations free process for the organization. Also, the data is stored securely without any physical space requirement. 

Graphical representations for Data analysis:

All the data acquired or recorded in the management app can be analyzed thru graphical format. This is quick and easy to understand for faster decision-making as well as for management reviews. Data like total sales till the date, purchases, pending orders, cash in and out, payment done, total orders served, etc. can be easily taken for analysis.

Employee Attendance:

Real-time Employee attendance checks can be done with the management app. This provides a fair idea of the workforce available on a day-to-day basis & how many employees are absent. Accordingly, any urgency or additional temporary manpower requirements can be assessed and provided for fulfilling the production planning.

Real-time Reports for management:

With the availability of all the above data points, real-time data is always available to management and can be served without any additional preparation. This will not only save time and manual efforts but also increases management confidence in the data provided, due to error-free presentation of the data.


Management app is a handy tool for monitoring, controlling, and approving the process across the organization. This app is not complex, and costly like other full ERP Solution but depending on the need and size of the organization, it can be customized and applicate to across the levels of the organization.

PC Soft, Best ERP Software provider in pune is a leading company providing businesses with ERP solution customized to customer needs. Contact our team and they will provide your small and medium enterprise with the best solutions.

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