ERP software refers to “Enterprise Resource Planning” consists of software and hardware systems connected together to manage all the core business activities like supply chain, manufacturing, services, financial and other processes in an organization. ERP systems integrate business activities to work cohesively and effectively.

Industry started using computers for accounting and finance function since 1960’s using mainframe computers. By 1990’s, ERP was introduced. ERP renovated the technology sector by integrating human resources, project accounting, and end-user reporting.

While choosing right ERP software system for an organisation, one must do professional accessibility with needs and decide. PC soft ERP solutions Pvt. Ltd. is capable to provide best innovative solution for various sectors.

Below are some of the prominent benefits of ERP systems to make it suitable for different size of businesses.

  1. Data Integration: With use of ERP systems, information cohesively available to all departments of an organisation and monitor same in real time. This makes it quite easy to take quick decisions for management.
  2. Increased productivity : Work processes for various activities in an organisation have data available online, which assigned personnel can fetch easily and work upon. This includes sales schedules, production schedules, Bill of Materials, Stock situation, Supplier ordering, etc. This increases the productivity of the department as it also saves time for paper-based approach and recordings.
  3. Lower operational costs : Due to integrated data processing, no longer excel sheet or single non connected software need to be maintained. All the data maintenance and ordering are online thru integrated ERP system. This reduces total cost of process handling and provide better controlling over the process.
  4. Flexible adaptions : ERP systems provide necessary flexibility to the business processes if chosen correctly at the investment. Yearly contracts with ERP software suppliers make it easy to maintain changes as well can be adapted without many hassles as per customer needs.
  5. Easy Regulatory Compliance : With real time integrated data from each function of an organisation, it’s quite easy to be in required regulatory compliances which remove pressure of work from all levels of the organisation.
  6. Transparent communication : ERP system provides transparent communication throughout an organisation for all activities happening for the business operations, so it always helps to increase teamwork and faith in each other.
  7. Mitigate and reduce risk : With automated business operations and reporting, reduced human errors and mitigating risks is possible!

Depend on size of business, various types of ERP systems are available. Major classification as below :

  • Small business ERP

ERP software for small businesses takes it from spreadsheets and efficiently manage core processes – from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations. Small business uses mostly cloud based ERP tools, quick to install, and intended to develop with the organisation.

  • Mid-Market ERP

Mid-market ERP systems are further step to small business and have all core processes included right from – financials, HR, supply chain management, and more. Midsize ERP tools help growing businesses scale and compete without the complexity and cost.

  • Enterprise ERP

With most complex and latest technologies, now a days Global organisation with their subsidiaries have enterprise ERP systems with embedded AI, machine learning, and analytics – and intelligent automation to transform processes. These ERP systems can be deployed on premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid scenario depend on location need.

Conclusion :

ERP system is costlier than single business software however, for broad visionary business leaders Cost to benefit ratio for an ERP system is always higher. Many ERP systems and modules exist; depending on your need and size of organisation, one should select them wisely for best output at less investment and running costs.

PC Soft is a leading company providing businesses with ERP solutions customised to their needs. Contact our team and they will provide your small and medium enterprise with the best solutions.

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