A truly Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integrated system is one that combines all the internal and external information relevant to the organization and provides a comprehensive solution.

ERP system uses a centralized database that contains all the information and this database is shared across different departments to support different tasks. ERP application automates the functioning of different departments such as ordering, marketing, bookkeeping, and many more. This shared information helps in easy metric reporting thereby implementing the tasks faster and efficiently. PC Soft ERP Solution Pvt. Ltd of Pune is a one-stop-shop to provides all kinds of ERP solutions and helps you to streamline your business. Let’s scroll down to learn about what are the benefits and trends in ERP automation.

Benefits of ERP automation

As we know ERP automation integrates interaction between various departments, and the most obvious benefit is that employees’ work time is better utilized. The centralized database repository that contains reports from different departments is accessible to all the employees. Moreover, the errors and mistakes that are inherent in the manual handling of data get eliminated through ERP integration. These errors incur huge losses to the organization. There is lots of wastage of work time of the employees to spot the errors and make corrections.

The shared information helps in faster and more effective communication. Whatever the queries are they get resolved instantly and thus help your employees work efficiently without having to waste much of their time. Thus, all these results in the efficient working of the organization and save time and money.

Trends in ERP automation

ERP automation was originally meant to automate various manufacturing processes such as managing inventory, fulfilling orders, and knowing the status of the orders. Later, more of the manufacturing processes were accomplished through ERP. Today, this versatile system has entered different industries whether be a small or mid-sized industry, all of which functions through different departments such as human resource, accounting, IT, and more. Since, today, ERP automation is becoming common for all kinds of businesses, it is necessary that the functioning of ERP is improved. New technologies are having an impact on ERP automation. Let’s see some of these advanced technologies and how they impact ERP.

1. Impact of Artificial Intelligence on ERP automation

The latest ERP system for more effective automation is adopting Artificial Intelligence or AI in a number of ways.AI is increasingly being used as they are able to analyze a large amount of data in order to get insights, which are capable of providing improved business decisions or recognizing emerging trends. Moreover, AI also accomplishes several routine functions such as stock reorders. This helps employees to concentrate on other tasks or to train themselves and improve their skills.

2. Impact of the Internet of Things on ERP automation

Internet of Things or IoT is a recent technology where items are embedded with smart sensors and can interact with the help of the internet. When these items are connected with ERP, it generates information and alerts on these items. ERP along with IoT reduces maintenance and increases the product’s life. It also helps to streamline production, add visibility to the supply chain, and efficiency to purchasing processes. Still better applications of ERP with IoT is that when equipment and appliances that are not required get automatically shut down to save energy and the life of these items. It’s a great benefit that is being utilized in several places or can be used by different organizations.


Thus, ERP automation is proving highly beneficial for several businesses. To streamline your business, it’s better to adopt the new technology. PC Soft ERP Solutions offers you a truly integrated system that can automate your whole system and facilitates you in gaining improved productivity. For your requirements for ERP Automation, contact us.

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