Are you struggling with managing orders, sizes and frequent repeat orders? PC Soft ERP Solutions Pvt Ltd, Pune brings for you, eCommerce with ERP integrated software that can make all the difference and enables you to amplify your business growth.

ERP integration is now taking eCommerce to another level of success. The coordination between the company’s eCommerce site and backend accounting and inventory system is nothing but eCommerce + ERP integration. The integration facilitates the bidirectional flow of information between the two systems. This enables you to enter the data only once in the system the integration manages everything.

PC Soft located in Pune is one of the best platforms for ERP and eCommerce integration for B2B companies. It connects your store to your back-office, automates business processes and gets real-time visibility into your operations.

Why do I need to integrate my business?

A true eCommerce integration is obtained by a two-way, real-time flow of data and information. It allows you to operate your business efficiently in many ways.

The main types of data such as order, inventory, item, customer, shipping and tracking of the order are communicated between the back-end and the front-end of your eCommerce business. The fully integrated system offers real-time information about inventory and pricing to customers as well as to employees. Moreover, as your business increases, there arises the need for additional staff, a fully integrated system eliminates this additional cost.

PC Soft ERP Solutions Pvt Ltd offers you the best innovative ERP solutions to fully integrate your eCommerce business.

What are the hurdles faced during the conventional manual processing for eCommerce?

The conventional manual processing for eCommerce has various loopholes. One of the commonest is the mistakes at different levels:

  • Wrong shipping address of the customer.
  • Incorrect inventory often leads to overselling.
  • Incorrect, incomplete or missing information related to the product.

All these lead to hamper business and risk your credibility. Do you want to lag merely because the integration requires investment? Definitely, not. A fully integrated system for your eCommerce would prove to be a boon and cost-effective in long run.

So, without making further delays, switch your eCommerce B2B business to a fully integrated system. PC Soft ERP Solutions Pvt Ltd offers you a complete solution for your B2B business by integrating your eCommerce with the most efficient ERP software.

Features of PC Soft’s eCommerce and ERP integration:

Ecommerce integration helps you to automatically update the inventory levels at the back-end as soon as the product is sold and at the front-end as the product gets added to the inventory, simultaneously. PC Soft’s ERP integration offers you an N-number of features that could make a real difference to your B2B business:

  • Provides discreet E-mail Id, safe data and secure password separately to customers and employees.
  • It provides one of its kind of platform for orders and listing products such as Insights of sales; Single dashboard; Order progress; and Sales progress
  • You Get the entire details of the order in one clip.
  • Here, all the details related to the product such as product number, an order placed, rejected, accepted, dispatched and received is easily available.
  • Product listing using integrated mode manages data in real-time.
  • Cart and checkout for an easy shopping experience for each of your precious customers.
  • An integrated payment gateway and shipping secure all the transactions.
  • An integrated system from PC Soft gives you a better facility to implement Combo Scheme Offers such as bonus schemes, discount coupons and special deals. This helps you to make your customer happy.
  • You can efficiently maintain your account ledger summary and get details of codes; description; opening and closing balance; and account ledger details.
  • Performance management for your sales teams and business is made easy by this integrated feature as you ─ get instant access; quick action to cover up for shortfalls; and the month-wise sales trend analysis.


So, if you are facing issues in your eCommerce business or there is slow processing of orders or there is duplication and errors in data transfer due to manual handling then PC Soft ERP Solution Pvt Ltd is the best place that can resolve these issues by offering you a truly integrated system.

You can avail of the services of this trusted company that resolves your issues at the most affordable price.

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