Which is better for You: Vertical or Horizontal ERP Software?

With the tough competition the business world experiencing, today’s business depends on which latest software are we using? SAP, ERP Solution or anything for improving productivity in premises for future, without new and latest upgrades software it’s just impossible.

That is why anyone who established the enterprise needs software that helps the organization for improving productivity and gives a result with zero errors. Vertical and horizontal ERP Solutions are the best solutions for improving productivity.

An ERP is a system that integrates the front and back-office program operation. And show real activities performance effectively of business.

Vertical and horizontal ERP for improved productivity.

The major difference between them is vertical works for a particular industry or specific sector. Vertical systems solve specific issues and reduced the customization demand, Horizontal works opposite to vertical, horizontal is used for lots of industries at one time. The large range of operations of the horizontal system could be integrated to serve diverse industries.

The business should adopt vertical and horizontal ERP Solution According to Business. Assessing the requirements of the business first and then deciding the software is the right way to choose the best one. Single motive industries like the textile or fashion industry can use horizontal ERP software. Choose software like vertical ERP in the textile or fashion industry if it is required for e-commerce or shop floor control.

Which is the right choice?

As discussed previously, an organization needs to identify the requirements of the business and make sure that the ERP Solution fits. Is it integrating with existing software or helping to integrate the data with other software? It will be a key parameter too.

Horizontal ERP Solution can be used, in multiple sectors or industries. Horizontal ERP is suitable for almost all businesses.

By assessing what kind of tools are available with vendors or partners, horizontal ERP Solution, according to the specific need, can be modified to connect with the functionality of the software and used for expense management and business intelligence.

The vertical ERP Solution companies specialize in one to a few specific sector verticals that will share a common process, these applications can be built from rich -tacit knowledge in-house. Deep, sector-specific functionality for the niche vertical is what verticle ERP Solution is positioned for. This type of application will be better suited to food manufacturers that have complicated shop floor/product-related processes. This application will have the features and functionality required to meet specific requirements like off-shelf delivering providing a true end-to-end, 360 degrees solution.

Horizontal ERP Solution can replace spreadsheet, its rich ecosystem compatible with the third-party solution offers affordable software instead of building expensive solutions.

THE CONCEPT of vertical ERP Solution is known for its end-to-end, ERP TO ERP design for specific fields for adapting particular processes that would not be found in horizontal or general ERP software.

The advantages of Vertical ERP

1. Accelerate the achievement of goals.

2. Provided a follow-up map for each procedure.

3. Adaptable to other business management systems.

Example of vertical ERP Solution developed by vehicle manufacturing industry or auto part manufacturing industry to achieve the low-cost assembly. It helps them manage quality and quick planning to reduce TAT.

Ultimately, an assembly line integrated into the ERP Solution helps reduce the production and inventory cost. These things are not available in horizontal ERP.

ERP Solution systems used in sectors like healthcare, construction, manufacturing, wholesaling, and Retail, need planning and management solution software. It is needed for the smooth-running of these businesses that function in multi-facets in terms of logistics and operations.


Horizontal ERP Solution could be the high-rated solution for everyone, who needs generalized accounting tools or functionality for 360-degree solutions. But for specific needs of your industry, you will have to go for a verticle ERP, without a doubt.

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