What Are The ERP Trends To Look Out For In 2021?

What Are The ERP Trends To Look Out For In 2021


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions have matured and expanded their reach to support most business functions, from back-end processes like accounting, HR, procurement and manufacturing to front-office functions such as sales force automation (SFA), marketing automation and ecommerce. Businesses rely on ERP to not only cut costs by eliminating redundant processes and automating mundane tasks but also to provide employees access to critical information to make better decisions, faster.

As companies increasingly rely on ERP to run their businesses, these systems continue to evolve to incorporate new technologies and support a broader range of functions. In this article, we’ll cover eight major trends to keep an eye on in 2021 and beyond. PC soft, Pune is one of the leading ERP solutions provider in India.

  • A solution that can support remote work has become critical as organizations increasingly rely on distributed workforces in the wake of the coronavirus.
  1. Cloud ERP

Businesses are adopting cloud ERP to take advantage of a simpler deployment, lower costs, elasticity (i.e., the ability to only use the necessary resources at any given time), new functionality, less need for internal IT resources, and the ability to easily add users and functions to accommodate business growth.

As the situation demands, we at PC soft are extremely aware that the pandemic has further illuminated the value of cloud ERP and accelerated the shift from on-premises software, partly because cloud-based applications allow employees to get their work done from anywhere with an internet connection—they don’t need to be in an office.

2. Two-Tier ERP

two-tier ERP is one of the top ERP trends in 2021. At PC soft, Pune we are aware that the two-tier ERP is a strategy that enables organizations to leverage their investment in existing ERP systems at the corporate level (tier 1)

There are a number of benefits to this approach. It’s often less costly than retrofitting the corporate ERP system to work for the entire business. A tier 2 solution may be simpler to implement and provide subsidiaries with more flexibility to respond to changing business conditions.

3. Digital Transformation

Since an ERP suite typically touches most areas of a company, it’s a logical place to start to facilitate this digital transformation.

4. Other Technology Integrated With ERP

The year ahead will also see a greater connection between social media and ERP. By seeing the social media activity of customers and prospects in one place, companies can develop a more complete understanding of their audience that allows them to enhance their digital marketing strategies and the customer experience.

5. Personalization

PC soft, Pune is well aware that now is the time to take advantage of cloud ERP platforms designed for easier configuration, or what analysts call “low-code” platforms. There’s also a growing range of ERP solutions tailored to the needs of specific industries.

One emerging trend is the growing popularity of AI-based assistive and conversational user interfaces such as chatbots, which can interpret user voice or text input and respond to questions using customer and order information stored within the ERP.  

6. AI-Powered Insights and Improvements

Artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities embedded into ERP systems work behind the scenes to help meet increased demand for personalization and improve a broad range of business processes. AI can deliver significant benefits for businesses,

7. Predictive Analytics

The hunger for AI-infused ERP highlights PC softs Pune and other organizations’ increasing desire to mine their operational and customer data for new and relevant insights that will increase the top and bottom lines.

While it’s always been possible to analyze ERP data to reveal what happened in a business’s past, a focus in 2021 and beyond is using predictive analytics to uncover and address what is likely to happen in the future.

8. Mobile ERP

ERP providers have offered mobile support for some time, and mobile apps are becoming the norm. ERP solutions are evolving to provide on-the-go access to critical business data, allowing employees to conduct both back-end and front-end tasks no matter where they are, from the warehouse floor to a retail checkout terminal to an airport. Mobile ERP can also encourage collaboration for dispersed workforces in different time zones.

Pc soft, Pune is providing the best upcoming trends in ERP solutions and always will strive to stay ahead to serve with better end-to-end customized solutions

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