Reasons why your Business needs GST ready ERP Software .

Reasons Why your Business needs GST ready ERP Software .

Prior to the introduction of GST, India’s indirect tax was really complex. The new reform introduced uniformity in the tax structure. Now, Goods and Services are levied on the final stage i.e. the consumption. The new tax system is comprehensive in nature with different slabs depending on the consumption pattern plus the types of goods and services. It took a lot of time for the people to get acquainted with GST and some are still coping-up with the procedure.
One way of making the process efficient is by automating it through software. Every business person is now integrating the accounting procedures with the latest technological systems. Sensing the demand many companies, PCsoft introduced GST incorporated ERP software. This ERP complies with the new GST system and makes your calculations accurate. It will help you streamline your GST filling and compliance so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.
Along with this, the ERP system will provide align other process of the company bringing organizational transparency and elevating your company’s integrity.

Benefits and Working of PCSoft’s GST Ready ERP
PCSoft’s GST enabled ERP enables you to create invoice and e-way bills just by a click. It is integrated with the GSP (GST Suvidha Provider.) The GSP is a mediator between an ERP system and the GSTN portal and there are only 100-200 enterprises that have an access to the GSP.
Working of the system
First, an invoice containing all the details such as manufacturers GSTN no, customers GSTN number, items list, etc. is created on the ERP system.
Then it is uploaded on the GSTN portal through GSP
On uploading the invoice, a 64 digit IRN (Invoice Reference No.) and a QR Code is generated by the government.
These details are fetched by the ERP and added to the invoice and e-invoice is generated.
With e-invoice, e-way bill is also generated and both can be directly sent to printer through the ERP for taking out hard-copy.

Features of PC Soft’s GSTN
Auto-calculation of GST on purchase bill
GST enabled filing software helps with timely filing and reconciliation
Point of sale (POS) system that is integrated with GST helps in sales analytics and reporting
No need for ASP files
Direct upload on the cloud servers
Keeps you updated about your supplier’s GST invoice uploads every day

Find out the other benefits of consolidating GST ready ERP with your business

Digitized Process
Business automation is the need of the hour and every businessmen is striving to find cost-effect and quick solutions. PCsoft ERP is just the right option as it provides comprehensive solution, right from making entries to billing.

GST Adherence
Post GST implementation, new rule and regulations were also introduced. Due to this, the main challenge was to understand these multi-state tax regulations. It is also necessary to fulfil the fillings as per the rules within the given duration. Thus, using ERP software will help you adhere to GST regulations hassle-free and within the timeframe as PCsoft keeps updating the software as per the government notifications.

Following the Standard System
Every company has a different format for creating invoices to give its customers. But with GST implementation, the formulation of invoices has become standardized. PCsoft GST enabled ERP helps you to make the invoices as per the rules and regulations.

Buying an ERP system is a long -term investment, which requires less maintenance. So spending some money on GST-ready systems will be much better than paying the penalties of the unfulfilled taxes.

Benefits for Customers
You can give your clients with clear and systematic bills as well as invoices. This will increase the trust level among them. Hence, you will be able to carry out transparent and timely financial transactions.

Looking of an efficient GST ready ERP Solution? PCsoft’s GST enabled ERP systems in the answer. With many years of experience and efficient team, PCsoft puts up unrelenting efforts to provide its customers with notable and comprehensive ERP solutions.

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