Finance Management with ERP


An organization cannot even imagine about managing the operations in the absence of any financial management system. Many departments usually run in an enterprise that functionally depends on available capital in the organization. Selecting a right ERP for finance management is such a crucial thing for everyone, as every operation needs money to proceed. A good ERP solution must be able to completely resolve the issues of managing finance based activities. The finance management ERP software will improve the sales, accounting and various operations related to expense and revenue. The greatest advantage of this application is that it allows everyone to simply connect and work individually from a centralized data system involving, sales, cash flow, and customer related data.

We live in an era, where financial service companies totally depend on advanced and reliable e-commerce systems to ensure legal regulation of concerned data, operations, and transparency. A well-versed ERP management system has a solid financial management software that is wholly integrated with the firm’s major structural units of sales pattern management, shipping, and receiving, also manufacturing. In the dynamic ERP system, we can have an immediate review through the real-time dashboard data and various online queries. All the functionality provides complete financial transparency related to the company’s receivables and payables with the access to the sales forecast and inventory levels, permits the organization to monitor bookkeeping functions, follow the fluid regulation, smoothen the communication with the clients and staffs.

Features of ERP

Each company operating in today’s rapidly changing industry must be ever-ready to adapt itself to the new technologies, techniques to run business, more effective methods of communication and approaching the customers. ERP for the financial management can help the firm to stay ahead in the competition and improve its work process every day.

  • Client Database helps the user to gain and store all the important information about clients, the relevant financial reports at one place and which is accessible to everyone.
  • Financial Accounting System is a unique program that decreases the manual and paperwork and helps to streamline the financial planning process, reduces the complexity of the financial procedures and achieve a full financial visibility.
  • Fixed advantage management system permits a quick and easy control the depreciating financial company assets. It also tracks the same. This feature provides the employes comprehensive results regarding the valuation and advantages.
  • Financial Dashboards and analytics system enables you to handle and operate financial performance of your firm by the use of real-time dashboards along with its expenditures, total revenues, receivable metrics monitor the cash and generate various financial reports in the easiest way.
  • Payment management system provides a great variety of payment command options making it much easy for the clients to manage the business. In addition, it helps to get payment acceptance in an effective way and a secured financial processing.
  • Synchronizing and forecasting the modules dominates the management of the work process, accumulation of the multi-dimensional data, dynamic assumptions and formulas and complete financial planning statement.
  • Private group merging program permits to manage the special communication groups that monitor the permanent communication regarding plans of finances and to create incorporative digital documents on various financial procedures.
  • Modeling and management system is capable to budget in various currencies across the world functional stores and financial dimensions counts and monitors numerous planning of products and complex sales.
  • Billing management and invoicing system automates all the processes relevant to finance, eliminates the possibility of errors, provides bills to the clients as soon as possible and fasten up the payment process.
  • Another system integration enables to share the data with any external applications.


Perks of ERP

  • Increases the business performance
  • Eliminates all the possible errors and boosts the financial processes
  • Earn strong fiscal control
  • Certifies the financial reporting
  • Consumes less time of the consolidation of the information and more of the analysis of data.


If you wish to implement an ERP to fulfill your financial management needs, PC Soft can help you. We always base our work on the personal attention to each and every customer. ERP system consolidates the sales and marketing efforts and plans when attributed.

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