ERP software works on the daily basis collecting and storing a lot of information on the servers. Practically, we cannot dig into this information pit manually. Around 85% of the data is not well-structured and is available in the form of social media and many other online sources. In order to look into this information and get access to the relevant data is only through the business intelligence. Business intelligence helps you to gather relevant data and leave the unnecessary stuff in the minimum time. You are just a click away from collecting this information automatically and you just need to know your intention of analysis.

Data Analysis

We analyze the data to build the reports as per the required parameters or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and use these reports to make the well-informed decisions in your business. Business Intelligence Application is the tool that helps you analyze the data stored in the ERP system. With this exceptional tool, you can mine the data, process it and also analyze to build the important reports. The complex processes can prove to be less time-consuming. If you wish to make the best use of an ERP solution, data analysis serves here as a crucial aspect. Previously, only top authorities of the companies would do the data analysis with the data analysis software. The process would demand greater time engagement to complete the analysis. But till the process was done the readings would get changed till then, this led to the lagging of the reports and management had no choice but to wait till the main decision steer cleared.

On a contrary, all the users can analyze the data in real-time with the ERP. People at the ground level can have a better control the process by analyzing the data. Everyone involved can monitor closely and resolve the relevant problems if found any escalation in them. Not just this, even senior management can have access to the data and continue their part in the process. This feature empowers the efficiency of the data analysis helping the management to take the faster decision.

Let us discuss some features of ERP that help you identify the opportunities.


Despite noticing the possibilities these ERPs offer, the ERP system we use today are not able to leverage the databases using different data elements in real-time, it eventually ends up being the random records and nothing more. However, ERP can help you shift the data up and down avoiding any of the clashes.

Faster Business Process

Sale is directly dependent on the speeds nowadays, the difference between sale and missed sale is that of nanosecond. Here is where ERP systems save you and boost your sale by quickly identifying, trapping, validation and covering number of points in the flow of sales chain. The helps the user of the ERP become more precise increases the efficiency of the revenue.

Synchronized Data Sale

The latest ERP is totally relevant at the global level and is also highly decentralized. The only drawback here is, you cannot use the ERP distantly. But even his could be tackled non-centric ERP that permits the intercontinental operations to deliver simultaneously.

Globally Relevant Reporting

Just the way synchronized data exists to provide greater value to the enterprise. The high-flexible and the ERP that one can easily customize make the departmental and divisional reporting simpler despite being digital or not.

Better customized ERP system can be gained by better source. PC Soft excels in offering the well-suited ERP solutions for every kind of business. If you wish to know more, feel free to call PC Soft and you will be thoroughly assisted with your queries.

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