A cloud-based / hosted application, or cloud application, is basically a software program hosted on remote servers that provides easy access anytime, anywhere from any internet enabled device. This concept manages the processes accessible through a web browser, which may or may not have a continuous internal connection. In business operations like human resource and payroll, it is popularly called as Cloud-based HR and Payroll solution.

Online management of all the human resources activities rather than computer-based or paper-based is considered more strategic and reliable method for businesses to improve and coordinate workforce management. This will help to control the resources and also complete every task within the stipulated time period. The firms using cloud-based HR technology are achieving higher productivity and cost benefits over those using computer-based technology and manual operations. A cloud-based method also offers a core integrated HR system for businesses that plan to operate in multiple locations in different states. The cloud-based systems are also comparatively low-priced and do not need continuous software updates.

A Cloud-based HR solution will offer following benefits to a business:

Online Management of Benefits:

With the help of cloud-based HR solution, the HR department can easily conduct online registration, submit information to the respective party and modify the plan according to requirement. This solution supports and automatically report benefits information for different types like medical, dental, vision, disability, etc. and mechanically allot employee deduction expenses to employees by mass updates at the end of registration.

Lifecycle Management of Employee and Self-Service:

The entire lifecycle of an employee from hire to retire can be managed with the help of cloud-based HR solution. The events might include onboarding, online registration, performance management, pay rate costs, FMLA leave, documentation and more from an integrated source. A company will also be able to track any kind of assets and electronic devices assigned to an employee like i-pad, tools, vehicle, etc. The employees will also be authorized with access to benefits enrollment, requests for leaves, training registration, and personal information. This ultimately reduces emails and calls to HR department and boost employees engagement through to mobile accessibility.

Self-Service to Managers & HR Reporting:

The cloud system makes it easy for the managers to approve requests for time offs, review reports and take required actions with mobile devices. Further actions include permissions to time cards, check missed punches, view events, employee information and many. The solution also supports managers to quickly review trends and take effective decisions. Customary HR reports like turnover, new hiring, and head counts, etc. offer additional insight for more judgments.

A Cloud-based Payroll solution will offer following benefits to a business:

Information Accessibility to Employees:

The cloud-based payroll software will allow the employees to view their information at any point of time from any device through manager and employee self-service. This technology is proved useful for the business operating across diverse time zones will. For instance, any expatriate employee’s queries will be resolved online without time restrictions along with freedom of language choice.

No Backups Required & Automatic Updates:

Unlike your normal ERP software or hrms software, which needs to be updated manually with concerned IT person, the cloud-based payroll solution supports automatic updates. The ideal software will also automatically update the latest governmental information for every country you operate. This simply means your payroll operations are constantly updated. This is exclusively beneficial when a business operates in a location like Africa where governmental regulation periodically changes surprisingly and correct information would be difficult to comply with.

Transparency for Employees:

The cloud-based payroll technology helps the authorized employees to access their related payroll information within seconds. The team’s information like leave applications and training programs can be accessed by managers without getting approvals from HR. It also offers mobile accessibility for tracking workflow which ultimately provides deeper insights into the current happenings in the organization.

Streamlined Integration and Easy Reporting:

The cloud-based system can also be merged with other systems used a company. For example, your ERP software can be integrated with cloud-based payroll software which will enable data transparency. This will avoid time consumption and data duplication and erase any chances for errors. The real-time data through cloud solution streamlines the generation of documentation and reports since it makes sure that all information is updated and precise.

All of the above mentioned benefits are a major part of a company’s sustainability strategy. Apart from reducing labor costs, enhancing time management and energy saving, the technology is proved effective success for business and of great assistance to the business management. PC Soft integrates all of your business operations into a single source accessible via cloud.

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