All about Barcode Automation

Every business owner expects their warehouse to be well sorted and managed to increase the efficiency of the process and reduce the errors. The struggle to achieve the greatest efficiency is a non-ending chapter but some of the technological solutions like barcode scanners play a crucial role in meeting the customer expectations.

Are you new to the warehouse barcoding? If you are let us spill some beans for you about this technological trend. Barcode automation for the warehouse management is not just considered as a nice option now but a mandatory asset of any organization’s inventory management needs.

Even though we live in extremely technologically advanced time, there are around 60% of the businesses that use the manual methods like spreadsheets as a medium to manage the warehouse. The remaining 40% do indulge in some kind of warehouse control system. But it is a high time and we need to understand that automation is our true friend and implementing barcode automation for the warehouse management will only give you all kind of positive results.

With the help of barcode automation for the warehouse management, your organization will receive the following,

  • Completely optimizing the reordering process and minimizing the stock-outs
  • Enhancement in the customer service by using the real-time data and offering accurate order status


Huge warehouses could be easily managed with the help of barcode management. It helps you reduce the complexity as you will be maintaining the products with the categories like

  • Type
  • Cost
  • Serial Numbers
  • Model
  • Customer reorder quantities


While tracking all of these details you will be automatically saving the data for later to analyze and along with the reporting features that come with the barcode automation for the warehouse management.


Let us give you some of the reasons to use barcode automation for the warehouse management


It is simple

Using a barcode automation for the warehouse management is not a rocket science. A lot of people have a misconception that spreadsheets are easy to do but with the barcode’s unique level, it will get a lot easier. You will be able to view the warehouse with a one simple and quick scan that too in a real time.

It’s cost-effective

There are a lot of countries where barcode offers automatic product identification which enhances the quick recognition of data and its process. Every barcode label costs a lot less than the cost and time of labor training eventually increasing the productivity.

Not a lot of us know but warehouse can significantly impact our taxes. The knowledge of exact inventory amount helps you to make accurate deductions.

Barcode eliminates error

Tracking the numbers manually can really be a pain but using the barcode automation for the warehouse management could bless you with a great relief. The study says that for every one thousand manual strokes 10 mistakes are made on average but with a barcode, there is a possibility of making only one error in every ten thousand scans.


Save time

There is a lot of difference in between doing a thing manually and get that thing done through automation. Automation can save up to 90% of the time spent in managing the warehouse while barcode automation for the warehouse management will not only save you time but also deliver the accuracy.


Barcode automation for the warehouse system is the best option to choose to keep your inventory updates, secure and always access the real-time data. If you wish to get this for your organization PC Soft can help you receive the best. Feel free to call us anytime and our team will be more than happy to help you with your queries.

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