ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is one such tool that helps businesses grow successfully with best internal management and external management. In any particular sector, there is a lot of competition observed in the marketplace today and every company wants to establish a remarkable position by offering quality services to their customers. For the same reason, implementing ERP becomes essential not only for a solution to key business operations but also give you greater Return on Investment.

Business owners today are very much concerned about the adoption of ERP. They mostly get confused for which features should be installed in the ERP system. Irrespective of ERP solutions for small business or large businesses, if right modules are not installed in ERP system, the decisions might go wrong which will ultimately invite business losses. Such a nightmare for business owners will have to face losses which cannot be mended. While every ERP system differs from the other, here are some of the prominent features that you need in your solution to drive business growth.

  • Human Resources and Accounting Module:

The Human Resources is one of the essential features in any ERP system. It holds required features like time and tracking, employee attendance, payroll, benefits administration, etc. This feature is important for Human Resources department to manage and control all the tasks related to employees. Especially, when a business is operating cross-borders, it becomes necessary to manage every employee from a central location ERP system, which can be trusted and reliable in all terms. Also, the salary can be processed, leave balance can be tracked easily and reimbursement claims can be managed with cloud ERP solution. Other significant HR processes like recruitment, scheduling, performance assessment, time & attendance, talent management, and more can be efficiently managed with the best enterprise resource planning system.

  • The Asset Management Module:

The asset management modules deals with the tracking, repairing and overall care of the business machinery and equipment. This helps the users to know about the next purchase in terms of quantity. It also ascertains for the right management of BYOD (bring your own devices) by data security and also during the shifting between different devices in the internal system. Businesses can therefore, cut costs on the asset management with no compromise on quality.

  • The Supply Chain Management Module:

The competitive industry market has raised the importance of assessing manufacturing status, demand, and supply, logistics and distribution. Therefore, it has become essential for the manufacturing business to adopt ERP with the right supply chain management module. Tasks like tracking supplier and managing supplies to coordinate with manufacturers, track the shipment order, classifying withheld stock and more can be planned with ERP system. The other important features of the supply chain module of ERP software include invoice supervision, purchase and order management.

  • The Analytics Management and Reports:

The very powerful tool in the ERP, Business Intelligence (BI) is much required for the insightful reporting and analytics. This effective tool helps in generation of useful reports which can further be used to make important financial decisions and other the related actions. If offers well-timed and accurate financial reporting with the help of which a business can take decisive steps for enhanced cash flow. Therefore, apart from other modules the analytics management & reports is a must-have feature in ERP system.

  • The Customer Relationship Management Module:

Every business wants to grow their client base on the basis of the services they offer. When the numbers of customers grow, the client data also increases which becomes difficult to manage in real-time. Also for a growing business, if the customers’ queries are reached late, this might result in loss of loyal customers. Therefore, the need for Customer Relationship Management Module becomes essential for businesses. It helps to coordinate things well between the sales team and the marketing team and also for customers’ query solving in case required.

  • Ability to Personalize:

It is important for the business to adopt a flexible ERP for future purposes if required. When businesses change the workflow, all the processes are modified according to requirement. A customized ERP allows alterations to take place effectively, assisting the management to have rigorous control the workflow. Besides customization, integration capabilities are also essential to make sure that the software gets accepted across all divisions of a company.

All of the above features are essential with an overview of satisfying every customer requirement and grow successfully in the industry. With the installation of ERP, Return on Investment is also observed so that your resources should not go waste. So don’t wait and get the most effective, all-inclusive ERP system by PC Soft and let your business grow incredibly.

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