With dramatic improvements over the years, the eCommerce world is bustling and we can’t wait to see how uncertain 2021 is going to be.

E-commerce firms such as Amazon and Flipkart have had their challenges to get industries back in step with the current mainstream due to the pandemic and all in between. Shopping patterns have changed massively, making shopping online the focus of all

What exactly is mobile e-commerce?

For quite a while now, this word has been making the rounds and, surely, for a very long time, it will be the buzz word. Online retailers have continued to witness a stellar increase in revenue and web visits as the footfalls in department stores and markets have fallen. Mobile electronic trading has opened doors for digital service providers to make payments from remote storefronts and online platforms. The need for automated point-of-sale and personal digital assistants is also encouraged by the transition to a digital data directory. This is just a peek into all it has to offer and also the world of mobile e-commerce.

But these are the trendsetters who are expected to take over the 2021 markets?

There are some of the observations into forecasting what will possibly be an organization in the coming year.

The advancement into voice shopping

These days, numerous mainstream mobile e-commerce platforms have been such a great part of life. And with that, corporations have started to see the need for it, too! Any of the best examples of how voice shopping has made its mark in a very confident fashion are virtual assistants such as Alexa, Ok Google, Siri and more. Companies should take the figures into account, taking into account that online voice-based transactions are projected to rise to $40 million by 2022.

The Mobile Chatbots Integration

Since the need for a mobile integrated interface evolved, AI-driven chatbots have become a thing, and rightly so, these chatbots can handle hundreds of customer requests and human interactions in one go. Their continuous presence only guarantees that issues and suggestions from consumers are answered with speed and consistency. This is a development that will only continue to remain beyond the year ahead.

The usage of AR/VR

The terms “Augmented reality” and “Virtual reality” have always been in the news for as long as we can recall, and with the advent of mobile e-commerce, this has been all the more popular. Businesses are starting to understand that these two innovations have the potential to change the world of computing and influence the way we view the impacts of apps on our understanding of devices.

Effective omnichannel experiences

  • By the use of their various online and offline platforms, the indication that e-commerce brands perform to the anticipated mark is. According to the Harvard business journal’s business review, approximately 73 percent of consumers shop online
  • Any of the sectors with the use of mobile e-commerce that have been booming are:
  • Mobile Transactions of Money
  • Services based on location
  • Mobile marketing, discounts, and cards for loyalty
  • Digital Boarding Pass and Fares.
  • Transactions and distribution of digital content.
  • Mobile banking.


To handle certain amendments, companies are slowly recognizing the need to make changes to their company modules. Planning on gross margins for the next quarter will more certainly see mobile e-commerce center-square in every business plan with 2021 just around the corner. At PC Soft, we are a bunch of technology specialists trying to make corporate management easy to do. To get tailored e-commerce solutions for your organization and intensify the fast-rising environment, get in touch with our team.

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