Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a system that helps the company to plan, manage, and utilise resource and stock through a single database. It is a management system that is equipped for successful business operations.

Introduced in 1990 these systems were first used to optimize business processes and segregate information. Traditionally a company needed a dedicated IT team to constantly upgrade, maintain and control the ERP systems. But now cloud ERP systems are available that are not only capable of handling your core business activities but can also manage your staff and customers.

ERP Solutions are suitable for every industry as everyone needs to organise, analyse and make reports. ERP software triggers growth as it gives remote access to the company’s data, enables total transparency, gives control over every action, and increases productivity.

In the sea of technologies, it is hard to find the perfect option; PCSoft a Pune based company provides technical and functional expertise for businesses through an All-In-One ERP application all over India.


4 Reasons Why a Company Should Start Using ERP Software

Efficiency in Data Integration

An ERP solution facilitates flexible and easy access to the data as it is integrated at a single place. The systems cater to different kind of needs with custom-made features that all employees can use comfortably. This software is compatible with the new age technologies and is a viable option of SME and medium-sized businesses. It makes the process really easy, increases coordination among different departments, reduces errors within the workflow and avoids stealing of data.

Increased Security

Since there are a lot of cyber security attacks it is becoming harder day by day to wall your company’s information. For this reason, ERP software is equipped with firewalls and antivirus. It complies with the standard privacy laws and procedures plus it is efficient to detect risks or malicious activities.

Greater Customer Satisfaction

The systems are combined with customer relationship management (CRM) that authorises a transparent business with your customers. Due to this your employees, as well as customers, have quick access to the previous bills or any other information. It benefits in more reliable and active communication with them. This will capacitate your company to understand their demands adequately and formulate the strategy accordingly and deliver your services on time.

Enhanced Growth

ERP software helps a company to plan and allocate tasks faster which makes it scalable to use. A company can streamline performances and key functions across all the departments. It has the ability to create precise service level agreements (SLAs) following the standard procedures. The increased speed, ability to update automatically, hosting, better maintenance and upgraded security will help your employees focus better and elevate the overall performance. There are built-in auditing tools that help in documentation as well as tax provisions to avoid any kind of flaw in the official work. It also helps you generate a secured budget and schedules. The manual work eliminates human errors from your operations and makes it more accurate.


To find the best ERP Solution in Pune associate with PCSoft that has been developing IEV since 1988 and they currently design world-class ERP product which is process-driven and not function/module driven. The systems are compact and seamlessly integrated. Using ERP systems helps you save up your money, time, and efforts.


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