ERP integrated eCommerce is a system that facilitates the easy and systematic coordination between different departments of your eCommerce business. It connects and synchronises data between an ERP platform and other sources. It enables you to centralize information from various systems and get real-time visibility into your operations. A proper eCommerce ERP integrated business helps in the bidirectional flow of information between the two systems. It means you need to enter the data only once in the system and the integration manages all the B2B e-commerce business.

PC Soft ERP Solutions Pvt Ltd, based in Pune is one of the best platforms for providing ERP solutions to various B2B businesses. Here, in this blog PC Soft endeavours to outline some of the best benefits of an eCommerce ERP integrated system.

What data are required to be integrated?

To have a successful integration, you need to strategically integrate your business with ERP. For this, you have to identify the type of data that should be synchronised with eCommerce ERP Integration. These include:

Product information with accurate product names, SKUs and descriptions.

Correct customer information such as contact no, shipping information, payment terms and credit status.

An updated inventory status should be the top priority.

Order or invoice information such as sales, purchase status and payment should be shared.

All types of taxes including codes, rates and rules need to be made clear.

Information related to returns such as accidents, defects and shipping errors should be shared with the systems.

Why do you need to integrate your eCommerce with ERP software?

Manual handling of eCommerce poses several hurdles in the smooth running of your business. First of all, the process is slow and duplication and errors are common during manual data transfer. Without ERP integration the maintenance of catalogue and product data becomes difficult; handling customer information is tuff; and it is difficult to track sales, conversions and performance. Moreover, during manual handling customised functionalities become difficult. It fails to provide after-sales services. And above all through traditional processing, you don’t get real-time updates related to inventory, pricing and order tracking.

So, to resolve these issues eCommerce ERP integrated system is essential. PC Soft offers ERP solutions for your business for a seamless experience and gives you the benefit of handling all your business needs at your fingertips.

4 top advantages of using eCommerce ERP integration

Now, let us talk about how our eCommerce ERP integration is advantageous for your business.

  1. Can make use of data efficiently: eCommerce integrated with ERP software helps to connect various systems and you get real-time visibility into the synchronised data. The centralised information benefits the whole organisation. For instance, your marketing and sales team can use these data and can create reports that would help them to make calculated and informed decisions.
  2. Gives updated inventory status: With the help of eCommerce ERP integration, all the information related to the inventory is visible in real-time. It helps both your staff and your customers. It offers a single dashboard to handle orders and listings to gain insights into sales. And also provides discreet and clear listings that allow a customer to get a clear idea of the product or item, they want to choose.
  3. Cost-effective: Your B2B business with eCommerce ERP integration, gives you a seamless and smooth experience into the working of your business. Without it, you may be at loss. For example, if your purchase information is not synced, it may lead to unnecessary inventory or create incorrect projections or can pass on wrong information to vendors. This could result in an overall inefficiency. eCommerce ERP integration removes such obstacles and makes your business cost-effective.
  4. Customer-friendly: Our e-commerce ERP integration gives every detail about the product and helps customers to access the app through mobile or desktops at their convenience. It eliminates customers from calling a sales representative to know the availability of a product or the status of their orders. Through the integration, the customers can see the inventory or track the status of the order for themselves.

Having gone through the blog, you are now well-acquainted with the aspects of ERP integrated B2B business. So, without delay integrate your eCommerce business with ERP solutions to survive in this competitive market. PC Soft ERP Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. the no. 1 in India offers you the best eCommerce ERP integrated software solutions for all your eCommerce business.

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