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A comprehensive HRMS solution to manage and monitor employee’s payroll, attendance, information, and employee self-service.

HRMS Software

The HRMS software from PC Soft assists you to manage and automate your human resource practices in the most efficient way by being simple and user-friendly. The function-rich solution is designed and built to automate the procedures like payroll, time and attendance of every department in an organization. The automation helps to eliminate all the time-consuming tasks, permitting the employees to focus on the more valuable tasks like culture, retention and all the other highly-impactive area.

Payroll Management

Payroll Management

Every organization runs efficiently when its department of Human Resource is well managed and aligned. Every decision taken, a task performed and the result is an outcome of the work done by the Human Resource department. Salary process is the spine of any operation concerning the employee and the focus on satisfaction. Payroll Management can further be divided into two parts which are • Payroll Accounting • Payroll Administration

Payroll Accounting

Payroll Accounting

The HRMS we provide tackles all the aspect concerning salary management and is capable of computing the salaries by a single click. The salary is precisely calculated by considering all the accounting deductions including PF, EST and PT. It also performs the tasks like maintenance of the salary records and prepares for the tax returns.

Payroll Administration

The payroll administration offers the services concerning all the managerial activities such as generating the pay slips, keeping the employee record and their attendance and also the data concerning the employment's law. The software also computes all the allowances and deductions, monitor and manage the adjustments in salaries, bonus, manages the data regarding the providential funds and a lot more.

The Security

The two important moto’s of implementing Human Resource Management System in an organization is its Automation and the security it offers. Since the information present in the HRMS is highly confidential and sensitive that includes the proprietary data of the firm and all the information about the employees working, it is of utmost importance for a company to chose a software that makes the transaction secure.

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