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Feature Richness

Our Range of features are very apposite to Indian Manufacturers & available at an affordable price.


Rich in features our ERP modules contain basic features like human resource management, inventory material management, financial management and advanced features like customer engagement, cloud platform, and much more. With the help of these features enables you to touch verticals with the help of a single product.

Features that will keep you updated and will allow you to scale everything related to business

  • The detailed management of all the business verticals
  • Advantage of Precise Forecasting for effective decisions
  • Strictness in protection and monitoring of data
  • A single product that allows reaching goal with simplicity

Pre-configured ERP Rendition

PCSOFT has built pre-configured ERP renditions for a variety of Industrial Verticals and Sub Verticals. Each rendition has been carefully crafted taking into consideration the unique processes. specialties and idiosyncrasies of that specific vertical. Thereby each rendition takes into account the differences in technology, differences in manpower skill sets and the differences in customary information flows.

Different Verticals

Catering our ERP to almost all the verticals

Accurate Forecasting - A Benefit

When you talk about forecasting, it should be accurate enough let other tasks dependent on this main feature and ultimately achieve goals easily and proficiently. ERP gives freedom to use the advanced filters for avoidance of data inconsistencies. The business intelligence tools practice machine learning and predictive algorithm which is a gift from advanced ERP solutions allowing users to obtain more efficient data.

Enhanced Data Security

The fear of data breaching can be effortlessly avoided with the help of firewall and restriction control guards. ERP offering such improved focused security and high monitoring will surely assist in achieving more results. The admin can swiftly de-activate access of dismissed employees and easily grant access to new ones.

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