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Trustable, Efficient and Complete ERP with GST

Our latest ERP has GST incorporated in the most practical way and redeems you from the extra burden of ASP files. You can directly upload your files in GSTN and the software will take care of all the financial taxes which will directly propel your business into the new era of taxation. Also, it will help you to reevaluate your existing tax credits and stock smoothly.


Maximum automation in India

Automation is what PC Soft desires for every sector in India and believes it is possible with substantial efforts.

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No need for ASP

Our latest ERP has GST incorporated in the most practical way and redeems you from the extra burden of ASP files.

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Direct upload to GSTN

Goods and Service Tax is a non-profit, non-government association that manages the entire income tax system.

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Analytics Inspiring Efficiency

Decisions and Forecasting made easier than ever


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The HRMS Extension to the ERP system, is not merely a tool to process Salary and generate Pay slips, its a truly integrated software.

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The Analytics Extension to our IEV ERP is strategically added for spotting, digging-out, and analyzing business data, such as sales revenue by products.

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The True ERP

A combination of smart packages and diverse solutions.

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Truly Integrated

Providing rupee to rupee reconciliation between Accounts, Production & Inventory. The integrated modules like Finance, Accounts, Production, MRP I & II, Distribution inter-relate seamlessly and provide real-time information to one another.

Boosting Financial Health

Boosting Financial Health

Increase cash flow due to proper controlling of outstanding, Reduce unwanted physical movement of Manpower, Materials etc.

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fastest implementation

Experienced functional consultants from various verticals implement at your end. We take ownership of genarating your P&L and Balance Sheet before we handover the system to the customer.We start the implementation by prototyping your case scenarios and mapping gaps.

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since 30 years

Robust, powerful and extremely accurate solutions

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Catering our ERP to almost all the verticals

35000 Man Years: PCSOFT ERP Development Effort

Strong, Friendly & Trusted Solution with Veracity

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PCSOFT is constantly striving to keep you up-to-date with the current technology. One such effort is our new Mobile Application.

Now you can do your Sales Order, Purchase Order rejections and Approvals, Track Daily Sales & Cash Flow and lots More.

We understand your need to be mobile and also be in control of your organization. This app is a step forward in that direction. Get your Daily or Monthly Sales in one touch. See your Cash Flow Projections. Keep a check on today's Rejections on the shop floor. Get an update on who's present in your organization today. Not only that, but it gives you the ability to authorize documents such as Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and Payments on the go.


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